7-Year-Old Girl Sings National Anthem At Soccer Game

October 8th, 2018

Singing the Star Spangled Banner at any event is a huge honor. The National Anthem is a symbol of all the good things our country stands for, regardless of how one might feel about the current state of the nation.

From little league baseball games to the biggest, most over-the-top NFL games, every rendition of the national anthem is special.

When one little girl named Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja took centerfield at StubHub Center in California for an LA Galaxy game, no one could have possibly been prepared for the treat that they were about to experience.

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She may be incredibly small, but her voice is big enough to fill the entire stadium and beyond.

Even before she starts singing, the whole team is beaming. She’s so adorable! But her talent is about to leave everyone floored.

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When she opens her mouth, everyone is completely shocked. She may only be seven years old, but she’s got the voice of someone triple her age!

The amount of control she has over her voice is better than what the vast majority of adults can accomplish. But what might be the most captivating part of her performance is the energy she brings to it. You can tell she’s going to go places because of how much passion she puts into her performance.

When the camera pans back to the LA Galaxy players, there’s one who is completely entranced by Malea Emma and her spirited performance. You can tell that this is just what he needed to play an awesome game. There’s nothing like a ton of good energy before a big game to ensure a win.

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Malea Emma is a singer, actor, and model. She recently met Christina Agulera, according to her Twitter account (which is managed by her parents). The megastar singer gave her a big hug, and told her that Malea Emma might even be more popular that she is right now!

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She’hs also appeared on news segments, and even recently did a segment with Good Morning America, where she sang a song with Grammy Award-winning artist, Jennifer Holliday. The girl simply cannot stop!

After her inspiring performance at the Major League Soccer game, she’s gotten a ton of attention online! The LA Galaxy team even sent her a huge bouquet of flowers that she came home to after a day of school.

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The full performance that’s gotten her so much warranted attention is in the video below. Trust me, this isn’t something you’ll want to skip! Her soulful rendition of the National Anthem is one that will go down in the history books.

The comments on Twitter are proof that she’s touching hearts all over the world.

One comment reads,

“What a beautiful voice and such a young girl! She should be on the voice!!!!!!!”

While another Twitter user said,

“Best rendition of our Anthem I’ve heard in a long time. You gotta hear this to believe it. Still wiping away the tears as I type this. Seriously.”

I don’t think there will ever be a better version of our Nation’s anthem. Keep an eye out for Malea Emma, because she’s definitely going places!

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