Young Girl Is Overjoyed At First Meeting With Baby Brother

February 21st, 2019

Parents never know exactly how their child will react to seeing a newborn sibling for the first time. Luckily, it’s usually an amazing experience. This video shows how incredible the event can be.

Many children give one of a set of responses when they first hear that they’re going to get a brother or sister.

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Many are excited. Some get upset, wanting the parents to only focus on them. Most are confused.

And the news often leads to what is always one of the most awkward questions that a child can possibly ask: Where do babies come from?

Regardless of the child’s answer, parents always spend great deals of time trying to get their eldest used to the idea of their soon to be brother or sister.

They’ll say that they’re going to have a new friend and that it’ll be different, but a good kind of different.

Still, no amount of parenting can steer a child’s reaction to meeting their sibling for the first time.

Most kids are incredibly pleased to meet their new brother or sister.

They often react in a way that’s so, so cute.

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The little girl in this video is no exception.

The night before, her mom had had to leave for the hospital. The girl was confused at the time, but her dad said that the mom was going to get her new brother.

The next morning, the girl’s dad said that her mom had found her new brother, and that the little girl could go meet him for the first time.

She must have been so excited on the journey to the hospital.

Then the girl walked in, with her mom’s sister in tow.

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The girl looked confused. The hospital didn’t seem like the kind of place where mommies went to find brothers, after all.

“What happened?” She asked.

Then she spotted the newborn baby resting in a little hospital crib.

She opened her mouth with excitement.

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“My baby brother!” she shouted.

“Yeah,” replied the girl’s mom. “You wanna see?”

“Yeah” responded the girl, happily.

And then she started making noises that can only be described as yelps of joy.

The yelps then turned to laughter, as she saw that her brother had woken up and was looking in her direction.

She tried to walk up to the baby and give him a hug. But the mom’s sister stopped her and said “Remember, I said we had to wash our hands?”

The girl said yes, but the mom’s sister struggled to bring the girl over to the sink. She just couldn’t stop staring at her new brother.

She laughed again and said “Yay, my baby brother, my baby brother!” and tried to reach out for him.

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Then the mom’s sister managed to get the girl to wash her hands. She and her new brother were able to hug. It was the start of what is sure to become a lifelong friendship.

Anyone who has a brother or sister who is their best friend can surely relate to the little girl in this video.

From now on, she’ll have someone else to play with, to grow up with, to go on vacation with and to do so many great things with!

Scenes like this play out every day across the world. All of them are heartwarming in their own way. But this video is a great example of just how special this moment can really be.

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