Lenny Kravitz joins VOP choir - for a moment

August 12th, 2019

Every once in a while, something extraordinary happens in the music world.

It is something that goes beyond a fantastic song or an outstanding performance. An event that makes headlines because it had a deeper purpose. Something special is the best way to describe the event that took place between Lenny Kravitz and the VOP Choir.

Who is Lenny Kravitz?

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Most anyone that enjoys music will recognize the name, Lenny Kravitz. He is a singer, songwriter multi grammy awards winner is an artist that has touched the lives of many with his music. From the age of three when he began banging pots and pans as make shift drums up until the present day, there is little doubt that Lenny was born to perform and has a passion for music.

Who is the VOP Choir

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There are many churches throughout the US, and as such, there are many choirs that perform their music. The Voice of Praise Choir is comprised of a group of high school students who make up the Choir for the First Baptist Church in Lewisville, Texas.

What Puts Lenny Kravitz and the VOP Choir in the Same Sentence?

A high school church choir group supporting a post Katrina relief effort gets some recognition.

The one simple act of Lenny Kravitz is what has brought the name of the VOP Choir into the spotlight. This group of young people are regularly street performing to bring recognition to the messages of the music they play. Lenny Kravitz doesn’t even have to perform to be recognized. Just a glimpse of this musical performer is enough to get the crowd screaming.

A Touch of Class

Lenny didn’t need a sell out crowd in order to take the stage

Unfortunately, for many celebrities, they lose touch with why they entered the music world in the first place. Which is usually their love and passion for what they do in the entertainment world. It is evident that this has not happened with Lenny as his love for music is what obviously drew him to the VOP choir performance.

The Passion of the Music

Only the love of music would cause a performer to do this

As Mr. Kravitz was enjoying a Sunday morning chilling out on a terrace near the Jackson Square vicinity. Before long he heard in the distance a rendition of his hit song “Fly Away” being performed. He couldn’t resist and had to seek out where the music was coming from.

A Moment in Time

swiggle1 dot pattern2 VOP choir enjoying the moment
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Lenny joining in with the choir made their performance one they won’t forget.

From this point on, Lenny was about to create a moment in time that would touch the lives of several young people who like him had made music an essential part of their lives.

An Epic Event

Something the VOP Choir didn’t expect

What was hoped to be a crowd gathering performance by the VOP choir turned out to be much more than that. After Mr. Kravitz had received permission to join the choir by the group’s director, history was in the making.

Mr. Kravitz first headed to the drums and with the entire VOP choir forming the backdrop and an impromptu performance of “Fly Away” began.

The Real Meaning of Music

Music is often taken for granted, but it is moments like this that bring its importance to the forefront

Aside from listening to the lyrics, all one had to do was look upon the faces of Mr. Kravitz, members of the VOP choir, and the growing audience. The smiles and expressions of joy said far more than the appearance of Lenny himself or the lyrics of the song. For just a moment all those present truly did get to “Fly Away” as they enjoyed what had just taken place.

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