Kitten hidden under a deck comes out when rescuers arrive

September 20th, 2019

There’s always that one kitten who’s braver than the rest. When these rescuers came to help this family of kittens get from under the deck where they were trapped. One brave kitten peeked out his head and helped his siblings get the courage to come out.

These cats are adorable! To see how they were rescued, scroll down!

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Flatbush Cats Source: Flatbush Cats

This brave kitten comes out for rescuers, prompting his sibling to follow his lead.

Flatbush Cats is a TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescue operation based in Brooklyn, New York. In early September they received a call about some feline friends that needed rescuing.

It was a neighborhood cat and 6 of her kittens hiding under a deck. Some had severe eye infections that required immediate medical attention.

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Flatbush Cats Source: Flatbush Cats

The founder of Flatbush Cats, Will Zweigart, came up with a rescue plan that could’ve taken up to 2 days.

Every rescue mission is different, that’s exactly why the founder of Flatbush Cats, Will Zweigart, came prepared for anything. The one thing he didn’t expect, is precisely what happened.

He couldn’t believe his eyes, when out peaked a tiny kittens head, as if to say hello to rescuers. It would take a little bit, but within a few minutes, the kitten had fully made his way out for rescuers.

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Flatbush Cats Source: Flatbush Cats

The friendly little kitten peeked his head out to greet the rescuers and shortly after that was making his way out.

What could have turned out to be a difficult rescue, turned out to be a friendly encounter. After the little guy broke the ice, all the kittens started making their way out. The kittens didn’t mind being held as they were put in soft blankets. After all the kittens came out, the team would rescue the mother by using a drop trap.

“I didn’t want to waste the chance to get them to safety, especially so we could begin treating the eye infections.” Said Zweigart.

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Flatbush Cats Source: Flatbush Cats

The cats would never have to sleep on the streets again. The team got their eyes treated right away and nursed them back to health.

The runts of the litter were given extra food to help them bulk up and the teams taking extra good care of all of them! Although some of the kittens may end up permanently blind, they’re incredibly adaptable, they will also be given a helper sibling that’ll help them navigate life.

“The runt is literally half the weight of his biggest sibling and was getting lost in the shuffle. The squad is moving over to wet food while still taking a few turns at the milk bar with mom. They’re crushing 40 ounces of food per day!” Said Will, followed by: “The two (potentially) blind kittens will be paired with a helper sibling who has full sight.”

Overall, the whole family is happy, healthy, indoor cats now! Now their mother can rest up while they enjoy their new life. Watch the video below to see the adorable cats!

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[🎶: Again by @wun__two] And we begin again. Mom and all six kittens are safe and relaxing together with us. The original plan was to get everyone comfortable eating underneath a drop trap for a day or two. I only brought two regular traps for medical emergencies, because the kittens had been hiding under a deck and were fed recently. But in a stroke of good luck, they were all out and visible. So, new plan. I didn’t want to waste the chance to get them to safety now, especially so we could begin treating the eye infections. So all six kittens were gently escorted into a single open trap with a blanket at the bottom. Then I used the drop trap for mom and transferred her to the second trap. In future posts I’ll discuss more about the mom/feral dynamic and eye infections after their vet visits tomorrow. Happy they are safe. 🐾🙏🏻 . . . . . #flatbushcats #fosteringsaveslives #trapneuterreturn #tnr #spayneuter #spayandneuter #colonycaretaker #rescuekittens #catrescue #rescueismyfavoritebreed #catdude #animalrescue #savethemall #thinkadoptionfirst #brooklyncats #flatbush #brooklyn #communitycats #rescuecats #crownheights #ditmaspark #beafoster #bealifesaver

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These cats are stuck under a deck when rescuers arrive – One friendly kitten greets them, his siblings follow his lead.

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