Kind stranger buys school shoes for teen who only has $20

September 30th, 2019

Payday is awesome until you realize how much you have left after you have finished your budget list for the next two weeks.

Malisa Manguso is an amazing mom of two young boys and she is doing a great job raising these boys to be kind and happy children. However, the challenge of being able to provide for two growing boys is a tough job.

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The $20 budget

“I had the same shoes for about nine months and the bottoms of them were destroyed,” Malisa’s 11-year old son Zach explained to KTVB.

That’s why Malisa and her sons went to a discount store so they can find a good deal. Malisa told Zach that they only had a $20 budget for his school shoes so he needs to be really wise with what he’ll choose.

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Most of us have been through this same situation where we need to stick on the allotted budget so that we won’t go over it and still have enough for food and the bills. It’s already considered a skill to be able to find the best deals with the budget that we have.

The kind stranger

What Malisa didn’t expect was that there was one man who overheard her conversation with her son. Lito Mason was also there to shop for shoes and he overheard this mom talking to her son about being a wise spender and that they only had $20 to spend.

“She was working with a budget and I get that, we all get that at this time of the year, back to school. I asked him, ‘so what type of shoes do you like?’ He said ‘I just want something that’s comfortable.’ I was done! At that point, I said I’m going to get him whatever he wants,” Lito shares in his interview.

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Just to have someone come up to you and offer to buy your son good shoes is just amazing! Anyone who is in Malisa’s situation would also feel grateful beyond words.

“He just out of the blue looked at me and said, ‘I tell you what, that kid has to have good shoes on his feet and has to be looking good to go to junior high. You just pick out the shoes, and don’t worry about the price,’” a teary-eyed Malisa shared to KTVB. “For the first time in a long time, I saw Zachary light up, and be so happy.”

The shoe hero

Malisa wanted to remember this beautiful moment so she asked Lito if she could take a photo. She posted her wonderful experience on Facebook and it went viral!

Someone also recognized the man in the photo and tagged him in the post. Lito Mason was overwhelmed when he saw just how many people were touched by his beautiful gesture of kindness.

“I didn’t realize it was going to be such a big deal,” he said. “To see me plastered all over the internet? I’m really a shy guy. It’s just something I wanted to do,” he said, smiling as he remembered how many messages he received after the viral post.

“For one time in his life, I didn’t want him to worry about a price, and it was simple as that.”

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Today, Lito and Malisa along with her kids share a bond of friendship and both so grateful to have known each other.

A simple act of kindness, no matter how small will have a great impact on someone.

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Source: KTVB, Malisa Manguso