Renovation Royalty Give Their Fifth Child The Perfect Name

July 2nd, 2018

There are very few professionals out in the world that we can call royalty. They may not come from actual royal bloodlines, but Joanna and Chip Gaines come pretty close, at least in their field. You may know them for their work on the hit show Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna bring years of experience in the construction and design industry to the screen with their unmatched chemistry and intuitive way of handling new projects.

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Chip Gaines via Twitter Source: Chip Gaines via Twitter

Chip, single-handedly responsible for giggles, handles the construction and realty part, while Joanna, the more grown of the two, has a designer’s eye that cannot be matched. Behind the scenes, the past 15 years of their marriage have seen them build an empire around construction under their Magnolia brand. But that’s not why we’re here, is it? Business isn’t all they’ve been building.

Enter Crew Gaines

On the 23rd of June, the Gaines crew had a pleasant but somewhat expected surprise in the form of healthy newborn. That’s right, Joanna Gaines went into labor and had their fifth child. His name is Crew, Crew Gaines. No one even knew that the big event was happening until both Joanna and Chip sent out a series of post on social media.

Chip was first to break the news of this bundle of joy in a tweet where he cryptically acknowledges the birth of their newborn and consequent growth of the family.

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Chip Gaines via Twitter Source: Chip Gaines via Twitter

What followed were a series of pictures on Joanna’s Instagram. Her first post shows an image of baby Crew wrapped in a green blanket sleeping soundly as his mother looks on.

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JoannaGaines via Instagram Source: JoannaGaines via Instagram

This image came with a beautiful caption explaining how Crew was born speedily and a little ahead of time, two and a half weeks early to be exact. She then goes on to thank everyone who graced her family with prayers and well wishes during her labor.

Joanna’s second post captured her other four children waiting eagerly to see their brother for the first time. I mean, it’s poetic. They all looked as excited as could be to see the latest addition to their family.

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JoannaGaines via Instagram Source: JoannaGaines via Instagram

Her latest post shows baby Crew cuddling up to his mother while dressed in the cutest blue onesie I’ve seen, accompanied with the rather accurate caption, “Cuddle bug.” It is a pretty accurate description! That is one cute baby.

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JoannaGaines via Instagram Source: JoannaGaines via Instagram

Joannes Facebook page had a few more pictures of the family standing by her bed chatting away in excitement about their newest arrival.

Another pleasant surprise for the Gaines

Fans of the Gaines’ lives off-screen will know that they lead a simple life. They enjoy the trappings of rural farm life, open spaces, and clean air in Waco, Texas. A few days after Crews’ birth, Chip took the opportunity to showcase his famous quirky humor to the world.

He shared a post on Instagram of a litter of piglets lying beside their mother with the humorous caption, “Errbody having babies round here.” What are the odds of that happening to anyone other than the Gaines? #farmlife indeed.

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ChipGaines via Instagram Source: ChipGaines via Instagram

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