This Japanese Method Of Stress-Reduction Melts Stress Away

July 29th, 2018

Stress is a natural part of life. However, the way we respond to stress can influence how our day, week, or even life shapes up. If you’re looking for a quick remedy to ease some of the stress that keeps creeping in, then you’ve come to the right spot. Let’s take a look at some tried and true methods for putting the kibosh on stress so you can get back to enjoying what matters most to you.

One of the most popularly used methods for reducing stress comes from an ancient Japanese method, that can be applied quickly and effectively. If you have about five minutes to spare, then you can practice these self-soothing tips anytime, anywhere. You may be surprised to learn that the focal point of this exercise is all about your hands.

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To use this method to its fullest potential, you first must understand how each finger is linked to specific emotions. Here’s a quick breakdown of each finger’s associated feeling:

Thumb: Worry, stress
Index: Fear
Middle: Anger
Ring: Depression
Pinky: Anxiety

Specifically, in the event that you are feeling stressed, you should simply apply pressure to the thumb for 30 seconds, release for 30 seconds and repeat until the feelings subside. You can rely on the same technique to other fingers if you have those feelings as well. You can go a step further to calm yourself by using pressure to the center of the palm. This simple solution has helped countless people put their stress in check.

This isn’t just another feel-good method, it’s actually backed by research. Studies show that this technique reduces stress in minutes and creates positive thoughts and feelings–not too bad for something that you can do in just a few spare minutes!

If you like this reliable method, then you’ll appreciate these other fast-acting stress reducers.

Lose the Shoes

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Reducing stress can be as simple as not wearing shoes. Ancient medicine indicates that going barefoot can open up the meridian points in the feet and promote overall well-being. Plus, isn’t shoeless just a bit more comfortable anyway?

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Meditation may be easier said than none in a world full of chaos. However, even just attempting to find a few minutes of peace and quiet throughout the day can go a long way toward reducing your stress. Self-introspection and calm can help you channel your thoughts and energy toward a more positive focus.
Focus on Breathing

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Breathing exercises are a simple way to calm the chatter in your brain. While it may take some self-discipline to get it down, after a few sessions you’ll notice a huge difference! Stress and worry will melt away as you learn to engage your entire body in effective breathing exercises.
Have a Good Laugh

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Laughter is proven to help people reduce stress and gain energy. Pop in your favorite comedy or hang out with your funniest friend to bring a smile to your face.
Set Smaller Goals

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Sometimes, we can be the creator of our own stress. If you’ve noticed that you always feel overwhelmed by your workload or daily goals, then may it’s time to cut things down a little bit. Think of things you can cut out, reduce, or even delegate, so you aren’t always strapped for time and feeling rushed.

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Certain scents, such as lavender, have been associated with instant stress-relief. Light your favorite candle or opt for an oil diffuser to indulge in your favorite scent.

Crack Open a Book

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Reading can allow your mind to wander somewhere else for a while. If you are stressed about work, school, or just life in general, then a good book can help ease your mind and allow you to forget your troubles for a period of time.

Stress may be a regular part of life, but it doesn’t have to consume you. Try these tips to learn what works for you in reducing stress and living a more balanced life.

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