Ice skater pulls off fantastic costume change mid-performance – then the crowd goes wild

November 22nd, 2019

Professional figure skaters are some of the most talented athletes in the world. Not only do they need to have incredible stamina, balance, and agility, but they also have to move with incredible grace and elegance. They’re judged in terms of both precision and style, having to perform to superhuman levels and look good doing it if they want to take home the best and biggest prizes!

Anna Shcherbakova is one of the most exciting young talents in the ice skating world right now. This talented Russian teen is just 15 years of age and is already Russian national champion, Skate America champion, CS Lombardia Trophy champion, and Cup of China champion for 2019!

One of Anna’s recent performances, at the Cup of China, went viral after she incorporated a daring costume change into her routine, wowing the crowd and winning over countless new fans in the process.

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2019 has been Anna’s first year on the senior circuit, but she’s been skating since the age of three! Born on the 28th of March, 2004, in Moscow, she’s trained with some of the top coaches in Russia and won her first tournament, the Russian Youth Championships, back in 2016.

Since then, she’s been a serial winner, setting records and taking home the top prize at plenty of events. She was born to be on the ice, with her innate poise and graceful air being simply perfect for the life of a figure skater.

Even at the age of 15, her tournament scores are already approaching world record levels, and many experts are predicting her to have a terrific career.

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During the women’s free skate at the Cup of China, which was held at the Chongqing Huaxi Culture and Sports Center in Chongqing, China, Anna had a special surprise in store for the crowd.

Her routine started off simply enough, with Anna heading out onto the ice in a striking blue dress and immediately starting off strong, gliding around the rink elegantly. She does fall down at one point, but gets right back up and nails her subsequent jumps and spins.

The audience members were captivated by Anna’s performance, but halfway through, they burst into excited applause as the skater pulled off a crazy and unexpected costume change!

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As she was twirling around in the center of the rink, Anna’s dress magically changed from blue to red. Moments later, she was gliding back around the ice, finishing the second half of her routine very strongly with more spins and tricks.

Her stylish change and sublime performance earned her a grand total points tally of 226.04, which put her far ahead of second place finisher, Satoko Miyahara of Japan, who finished the tournament with 211.18 points.

Anna seems pleased with how her first senior season has gone, but she wants to get even better in the years to come:

It’s a good start for my first senior season, but I want to do better and work more… It was my goal to reach the final and now I will work on my programs, my jumps, and my goal will be to do everything cleaner and better. There are still mistakes.

Check out this skilled teen’s costume change in the clip below.

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Source: NBC Sports