Man has hilarious ’employee’ meeting with his dogs through video chat

May 27th, 2020

For many of us, stay at home orders means a break from the daily routine of life at the office. But many businesses have taken to video chat to make sure that they stay on course. But for Mrandrewcotter’s Youtube channel, business has gone to the dogs.

In a video posted recently on Youtube and Twitter, Mrandrewcotter hosts a hilarious meeting between himself and his dogs. The video clocks in at just over two minutes and has already become a hit sensation with dog owners, entrepreneurs, and comedy fans alike.

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Mrandrewcotter's original video Source: Mrandrewcotter's original video

Hilarious Video By-the-Minutes

The video chat meeting begins with Cotter welcoming Olive and Mabel for a meeting to “discuss where we are”. It doesn’t take long before Olive and Mabel’s videos start revealing that they are dogs. What follows is Cotter discussing the business of the day for two very good dogs.

Cotter, playing the part of the patient boss, discusses furloughs, chasing squirrels, company loyalty, and “Mabel’s lack of focus”. Meanwhile, Olive looks on with the attentiveness of a faithful hound while Mabel spends much of the video playing around. This contrast between Cotter’s serious on-screen persona and his two cute dogs has been a delight.

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Mrandrewcotter's original video Source: Mrandrewcotter's original video

What Fans Have to Say

The video, at the time of talking, has already earned over 22,000 likes compared to less than 200 dislikes. Many of the comments call this “The best thing to come out of this quarantine”. Some commenters have even debated Mabel’s value to this silly dog-based workspace.

Fans are divided on which parts of the video are the most amusing. Some love how comically serious Mrandrewcotter is during the silly situation. Others can’t get enough of Oliver and Mabel who are both beautiful and very different dogs. But the fact is clear, this video has hit social media by storm.

Mrandrewcotter’s other videos

But this hasn’t been the only video Cotter put out featuring his dogs. A look at his channel, mrandrewcotter, shows three other videos featuring the comic duo. These videos, starting with last month’s “The Dog’s Breakfast Grand Finals” have a similar format and style.

Cotter takes on the role of a news caster narrating competitions between the dogs. The humor comes in how seriously Cotter takes the role while his dogs do mundane activities. These activities range from eating breakfast, playing with chew toys, and ‘the walk of shame’. Which could be some of the most extreme dog sports around.

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[caption id="attachment_366838" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Yet no stuffed toy chewing competition[/caption]

Mrandrewcotter's original video Source: Mrandrewcotter's original video

We can only imagine that these videos are Cotter’s way of dealing with the stresses of the quarantine. But for many fans, Cotter and his dogs are a source of entertainment and positive energy.

Cotter’s twitter account @MrAndrewCotter is full of positive feedback from fans. Many of the replies to Cotters tweets come from fellow dog owners sharing stories of their own dogs. Many of these viewers bond with Cotter and each other over their own companions and how they help them through the global pandemic.

One fan even writes…

Your videos with Olive and Mabel have given us so my joy over the last few weeks, my daughters love them . Their looks and personalities are so similar to our two. Coco and her slightly younger daft ,waggy tailed sister Pixie. Please keep them coming. Stay safe

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We can only hope that Cotter keeps posting more funny videos on Youtube and Twitter. It’s a great way to relax for dog lovers and fans of the absurd alike.

We can tell Cotter is having a great time making these videos. But you might be wondering how co-stars Olive and Mabel feel?

Well, Cotter knew you might ask and answered the question with this tweet.

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Andrew Cotter's Twitter Source: Andrew Cotter's Twitter

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