Guy Turns Himself Into The Flag For Fourth Of July

July 3rd, 2018

Nicholas Cornell loves America. Like he REALLY loves America. So much so that he’s turned himself into an American flag to celebrate Independence Day.

How did he do it?

With some tape, stars, the sun, and help from his fiance. If that’s not the best way to show your patriotism, then I don’t know what is.

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Nick Cornell Source: Nick Cornell

“What better way to get in the 4th of July mood! My name is Nicholas Cornell. I am Ohio born and raised. I’ve been living in Central Texas for the last 5 years and I love it here,” he tells Love What Matters.

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Nick Cornell Source: Nick Cornell

Cornell was inspired to turn himself into our nation’s flag after seeing a photo of someone doing something simliar on social media.

“I’m very patriotic and I love my country, I saw a man on Facebook with a similar photo and that’s what inspired me to take it to another level. I used red masking tape and just cut pieces that would go from collar bone to waist, then had my fiance make sure everything was straight,” he explains.

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Nick Cornell Source: Nick Cornell

He left it to his fiance, Stephanie Huber, to make sure that the stars were properly in place and that they stayed in place.

How much did it cost to turn himself into a flag? Just $1.50.

“She applied the stars so they were even, she luckily sat outside with me on the pool deck because as I sweat the stars and stripes began to slide and move so she made sure they were staying straight. It turned out fantastic! Everything I used was $1.50 star stickers and red masking tape from Walmart,” he said.

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Stephanie Huber Source: Stephanie Huber

After some time in the sun, his masterpiece was complete. Cornell says the transformation took place ahead of a big Fourth of July bash that he’s planning.

“I just wanted to be ready for the 4th of July party I’m having,” he said. “I try to do something new each year to show my patriotism.”

We’re not sure how he could make himself any more patriotic, but I dying to know what he did in previous years!

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Nick Cornell Source: Nick Cornell

Cornell’s photos ended up going viral on Facebook and were shared more than 34,000 times.

People online were obsessed with them.

“If this isnt ‘murica I dont know what is!” one person wrote.

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Nicholas Cornell Source: Nicholas Cornell

The comments of his posts were filled with people tagging their friends daring them to do the same.

So we’ll probably see a lot more Facebook photos of people doing this next year! Just be careful and wear some sunscreen while working on your tan!

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Source: Love What Matters