Girl scouts camp out in front of dispensary in Chicago to sell cookies – sell hundreds of boxes

February 21st, 2020

Anyone who frequents the marijuana dispensary knows a thing or two about having the munchies. Hungry, happy, tired, It’s how weed affects almost all of its users, whether for recreation or medical reasons. That’s exactly why these business-savvy Girl Scouts set up shop right in front of their local marijuana dispensary, you can’t make this stuff up.

This is brilliant, you won’t believe how many boxes they sold!

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Clever Girl Scouts set up shop in front of a marijuana dispensary, quickly selling hundreds of boxes in the process

The Girl Scout troop is from Andersonville, Illinois, and they knew exactly where to go to sell the most cookies. That’s when they hit up Dispensary 33 in Chicago, to ask them if they could provide a fix for the munchies the customers would likely end up with.

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Once they got the okay, the Girl Scouts set up shop and boxes of cookies started flying off of the table. Soon, people were posting to Twitter shouting out the smart little girls. Dispensary 33 posted to let their customers know they had both kinds of cookies now.

“Reporting to you live at Dispensary 33. We have Girl Scout cookies!! And not just the cannabis kind. Support your local Girl Scouts with us. (We have very limited flower for all you stoners. First come first serve. Come through while supply lasts)” The patrons in the video said: “We were almost on time to work, almost, so close.”

They actually got the idea from a police officer

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Last year the leader of an Andersonville Girl Scout troop had her girls selling at a pet supply store when a cop told them they should be at a local dispensary. So this year she thought why not? Just like the officer said, they immediately started crushing sales when they set up at Dispensary 33.

Even the staff bought themselves some cookies and have plans to have more Girl Scout troops selling through February

Abigail Watkins, marketing and outreach manager for Dispensary 33 said they have plans to have other troops selling cookies all through February. I’m sure there will be some very happy stoners.

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“The cookies they’re selling and our clientele, it’s a great match. As a former Girl Scout, I admire the hustle.” Said Abigail.

The video of the chronic toking customers went viral and many people left comments for the intelligent Girl Scouts

One Twitter customer hilariously kept the long-running feud between Boy scouts and Girl Scouts going with a funny comment.

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“The Girl Scouts have always been more savvy than the Boy Scouts. Always!” Said one Twitter user.

With more and more states legalizing marijuana, it’s very likely we’ll see more of this. That’s good for the Girl Scouts, a representative said they sold several hundred boxes

A spokesperson for the Chicago-area Girl Scouts said that it was a good idea and the troop was able to sell several hundred boxes! I’m sure with those kinds of numbers, they’ll be adopting a new ritual.

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These girls did an awesome job, kudos to their troop leader for taking the police officer’s advice. It turns out, other Girl Scout troops have also done this in the past. To see a story of another girl scout who capitalized on the munchies, watch the video below!

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