Man Has Stunning Overreaction To Girl Not Giving Him Her Number

August 16th, 2018

Giving out your phone number to strangers can be sketchy, but a recent incident where one young girl refused to give her number out proved equally dangerous.

Bailey Cantrell, who goes by Lorin Cantrell on Twitter, was parked at the Kwik Sak gas station in Tennessee early on Saturday, July 28th when she was approached by a young man.

The man repeatedly asked for her phone number, and she had denied him twice already.

The third time that she refused to give her number though, things took a drastic turn.

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Twitter/@LorinCantrell Source: Twitter/@LorinCantrell

The rattled young woman told WTVF-TV that it wasn’t until she told the young man her main reason for being uninterested, that his behavior became violently aggressive.

“I’m gay. I’m just not interested.”

Cantrell believes it wasn’t until this moment in the conversation that the man became belligerent.

“That’s when it triggered him and that’s when he started getting very aggressive. I do believe it was a hate crime.”

That single sentence was all it took for the unidentified man to come unhinged.

He immediately came around to the front of Cantrell’s car and leaped onto the hood.

He then began jumping up and down until her it caved in.

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Twitter/@LorinCantrell Source: Twitter/@LorinCantrell

The damage was not enough to assuage the troubled young man’s ego though, so he went to another extreme.

After crushing the hood of the car, the man lifted his leg and stomped on Cantrell’s windshield with full force, until it was completely shattered.

Cantrell shared the image on her Twitter thread just after posting the CCTV footage of the squabble from the gas station.

A frightened Cantrell, with a passenger who remains unnamed, decided to throw her car in reverse to try and knock her attacker off balance.

Unfortunately, her attempt to dismantle him didn’t work and only made him angrier.

The man jumped off of her hood in mid-reversal with as much ease as when he jumped onto it.

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Twitter/@LorinCantrell Source: Twitter/@LorinCantrell

The frightened driver had to stop the car because she couldn’t see to drive.

When the egotistical loon kicked her window in, it showered her with glass. One piece flew into her eye, making driving away from the situation seem an impossible solution at the time.

So, in a mix of terror and adrenaline, Cantrell thought her only option was to get out of the vehicle to find her phone and call the police.

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Twitter/@LorinCantrell Source: Twitter/@LorinCantrell

As she tried to do this, the man came up to the passenger rear of the car and began trying to kick her door windows in as well.

In the video, you can see the man come around to Cantrell’s side of the car.

He manhandles her with a shove against the car before throwing her to the pavement.

All the while, there are two other young men who were presumably with the crazed boy, that just stood and stared!

When Cantrell is being assaulted, they quickly clear the scene.

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Twitter/@LorinCantrell Source: Twitter/@LorinCantrell

Upon questioning the witnesses when the police arrived, someone mentioned that the boy was new to the Nashville area and staying at the Rescue Mission a short distance away.

Cantrell met with a police officer the next day at the shelter to confront the man but he wasn’t there.

According to Cantrell, the officer did not want to assist her in tracking him down.

After she posted the video to Twitter, she surprisingly came under fire from the majority of followers for getting out of the car in the first place.

Cantrell explains early on in the thread that thinking took a back seat to instinct.

Regardless of what others think they would have done in her situation, all she knew is that she couldn’t see, she had glass in her eye, and she was just acting on instinct.

In the video though, it is clear that no matter what was said, the man overreacted in a completely inexcusable manner, and needs to be brought to justice.

Hopefully, this video will help ensure the man will be captured and disciplined accordingly.

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