Daddy/daughter duo join Ellen after racking up over 14 million views & performance doesn’t disappoint

October 10th, 2019

Sienna and Nick Casas posted a video of the two of them singing “Señorita” in late July. The connection between this father and his daughter was touching, to say the least. It was so heartwarming.

When asked to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres show, dad took Sienna by the hand. They were all in, together.

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The Ellen Show Source: The Ellen Show

Nick and his daughter Sienna said they both love music, so naturally they have made it a part of their routine at home to sing together. They have tried out different songs, finding out what they both liked.

Nick said:

“When we both really like a song, we record it and keep it forever.”

Nick captured the songs with videos that Sienna would have forever. What a supportive dad!

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The Ellen Show Source: The Ellen Show

During Sienna and Nick’s interview with Ellen, Sienna was questioned directly about her love of music and song.

Kids are so cute!

“And so you’re four years old, right? — Ellen

Yeah. — Sienna

And how long have you been singing? — Ellen

Um, for a long time. — Sienna

How long would that be about, if you had to guess? — Ellen

I don’t know that. — Sienna

Dad filled in the details.

“We’ve been singing since she was born, since she was in the womb…but we’ve honestly just started focusing on our videos since March of this year.”

Sienna said that she wants to sing when she grows up, but she also wants to:

“…be a police officer so I could help my dad.”

Nick works as a deputy police officer with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

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The Ellen Show Source: The Ellen Show

After performing on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Nick and Sienna received a standing ovation from the entire crowd.

Even Ellen’s house band was smiling and clapping.

Nick and Sienna’s video has over 15 million views. Shawn Mendes retweeted Nick and Sienna’s video on Twitter. Camilla Cabello shared it on her Instagram. ABC News also covered the story.

But for this dad and daughter, it’s all about their quality time.

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SMendesMedia Source: SMendesMedia

For the daddy-daughter duo, singing is just about connecting.

It’s so important to take time out for our kids. How inspirational that this dad and daughter have been able to connect on a common delight—music, and singing.

Nick talked about spending time singing and recording videos with his daughter.

“One of my favorite things is just to be able to connect with her through music.”

This is wonderful that this dad has found such a profound way to connect with his daughter and grow a bond with her, the world needs more of this kind of human attachment and love.

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The Ellen Show Source: The Ellen Show

Sienna was so down to earth, she didn’t expect anything from the show other than to sing with her dad.

Ellen gifted both Nick and Sienna with surprises after their performance. Their reactions were filled with appreciation and gratitude. It just made me happy too!

It was amazing to see this dad and daughter both so down to earth during their interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

I think the best part of what Nick and Sienna have shared, is singing Señorita, in their kitchen, at home, together.

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