Child With Down Syndrome Creates Cutest TV Interruption Ever

December 10th, 2018

Everyone loves a good video bomb or photobomb. It’s especially great when it takes place during a news broadcast. What’s supposed to be a serious live segment can get transformed into something completely different in an instant!

Australia may have provided the world’s greatest (and certainly the most heartwarming) video bomb ever!

The video begins like any other news report. A reporter talks from inside a shopping mall about an upcoming Australian election.

But then something unexpected happens.

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YouTube/Inside Edition Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

A young child with Down Syndrome, Georgia, walks up to the screen. She smiles and waves at the camera.

The news reporter can tell that something is happening behind him (probably from the reactions of the crew.)

Then the reporter does something that’s never happened on TV news before.

He turns around and warmly greets the child with a friendly “Hello. How are you!?”

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YouTube/Inside Edition Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

Georgia replies by saying “Good.”

“That’s good,” replies the reporter.

This is already uncharacteristically friendly for a political news report. But then it gets much cuter.

The reporter lets Georgia speak into the microphone and address the viewers at home.

She says hi to her Mom and dad and tells them that she loves them.

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YouTube/Inside Edition Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

Could you imagine something like that happening in America?

US TV news could certainly learn a lot from this incident.

Unsurprisingly, the video has become a hit online. Its YouTube upload has gained over 900,000 views to date, along with over 17,000 likes.

On top of that, it’s received almost 2,000 comments. People have been saying things like:

“Awe she is so cute. I love her personality <3”

“I love how she was like “gotta fix them eyebrows” haha :) <3”


Of course, this isn’t the only video bombing news video to have struck a chord with the masses.

Who can forget last year’s BBC News video titled “Children interrupt BBC News interview”?

It does exactly what it says, with a reporter’s two children rushing into his office as he discusses North Korea to the world. What has been a serious and depressing report is instantly transformed into something heartwarming thanks to these two children. The actions of the children and the swift reaction of the mother made the world laugh. The video has gained over 29 million views to date.

There are some less well known but just as great TV news interruptions out there as well.

For example, this video from a British TV news broadcast has an interviewee droning on about something or other. But then a plastic bag lands on his face, seemingly commenting on the boringness of his discussion.

Even American TV news isn’t immune to these kinds of hilarious incidents.

For instance, ABC Action News was reporting on a state governor’s race. Then a man dressed as a Mexican wrestler ran into the shot and shouted something almost impossible to decipher.

In that instance, the reporter calmly responds “Ok, thank you, sir,” and gets on with her report.

TV news interruptions come in all shapes and sizes and from all over the world! Most of the time, they’re incredibly funny. Some of the time they’re heartwarming. And, just sometimes, they manage to be both.

Thanks, Georgia, and everyone else in these videos, for livening up our TV screens just a little bit!

Watch the full video below.

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Source: Inside Edition