Giant humpback whale breaches water near a boat

September 16th, 2019

There’s nothing quite like nature, certain sights will completely take your breath away! Especially when it’s a huge Humpback whale that is breaching the water, which is exactly what happened on this particularly rare occasion!

To see this spectacular event in real-time, scroll down!

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Whale watchers off of the coast of Sydney, Australia, bared witness to a miraculous sight, as a Humpback whale breached the water for 90 minutes!

I’m sure these whale watchers in Sydney, Australia, couldn’t have been happier when the enormous Humpback whale began breaching the water for a whole 90 minutes, taking everyone’s breath away!

The Humpback whale started breaching the water, almost revealing it’s entire body as is thrashed about in the choppy waves.

This amazing encounter happened just feet away from the boat. Both jaw-dropping, and terrifying.

Witnesses snapped photos and videos as this beautiful creature played about it in its natural habitat. This is actually not a completely uncommon site during the month of September in Australia.

After eating Krill all summer, Humpback whales are known to start migrating back toward the southern ocean from September to November.

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Whale Watchers Watcher Source: Whale Watchers Watcher

This Humpwhale is breathtaking when it breaches the choppy water for these whale watchers.

If it seems like Whales usually breach in the choppiest water, it’s because they do.

While the reason isn’t completely known, there is research that suggests it has something to do with communication between whales.

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Whale Watchers Sydney Source: Whale Watchers Sydney

They see Humpbacks a good 30-40% of the tours but rarely do they see one that breaches for so long.

Usually, it’s more of a few minute displays, but this time the whale breached for 90 minutes, making the sighting that much more incredible.

“We may get a breach on 30-40% of all trips, but to see 90 min non stop is quite special,” Said Whale Watchers Sydney spokesman.

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Whale Watchers Sydney Source: Whale Watchers Sydney

Fun fact, Humpback whale can grow to an astounding 18 meters or 59 ft!

People on Facebook were thrilled to see the pictures and footage of the Humpback.

Whale Watchers Sydney posted the encounter on their Facebook page and viewers couldn’t believe their eyes! Mary Miller said:

“Absolutely incredible: what wonderful memories, to be able to share this experience with this wonder of the sea.” Paula Bouchard was a little frightened saying: “Incredible picture but I wouldn’t want to be on the ocean with those rough seas.” Well, unfortunately, that’s the best time to see them!

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Whale Watchers Sydney Source: Whale Watchers Sydney

What an amazing sight to see! This one is definitely going on the bucket list!

These majestic creatures are gigantic yet so graceful! Seeing a whale breach for 90 minutes is almost unheard of, these lucky spectators got a treat that many of us will never get to see. Make your way to the coasts of Australia during migration season and you might see a Humpback breach for yourself, just make sure you can handle the choppy waters! Show this video below to your friends and family!

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Whale Watchers Sydney Source: Whale Watchers Sydney

This majestic Humpback whale breached the water for 90 minutes – Whale watchers in Sydney got a miraculous show video below!

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