"World's Funniest Flight Attendant"

November 7th, 2018

Although flying is one of the safest methods of travel, aviophobia, the fear of flying still affects roughly 5% of the population. For these people, getting on a plane is a torturous experience. “When the doors close, they’re in it. They’re stuck. They can’t get out of this situation. I think that’s often what’s most frightening for most people,” Todd Farchione from Boston University explained.

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Even if there’s not a paralyzing fear of flying, many people still find it stressful. Being locked in a room with strangers while hurtling through the air naturally isn’t the most comfortable experience. Having a little something to calm the nerves can really go a long way. Frontier Airlines knows how hard flying can be, offering their customers “Low Fares Done Right”. What they don’t advertise, however, is their impromptu, viral comedy routines.

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Earlier this month, a Frontier staff member was dubbed “The Funniest Flight Attendant in the World” after he was recorded turning a safety announcement into a comedy routine.

The passengers were on their way to Colorado Springs from Orlando when they were lucky enough to hear the attendant’s hilarious spiel. The announcement was captured by Cindy Kuhn, 55, a grandmother of two who later shared the video online.

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During the video, you can hear the rows of passengers cracking up at the attendant Daniel Sandberg’s hysterical quips.

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Even his coworkers can’t keep a straight face, bursting into giggles during their visual demonstrations.

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In an interview with the UK Daily Mail, Kuhn said:

“When he started his spiel, he introduced the air hostess at the front of the plane as his wife and the one at the back as his mistress, and that’s when I knew I was in for a fun flight.”

“When he started his announcement it really perked people up and well expected it to escalate in humor, which it did.”

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During the announcement, Sandberg describes what passengers should do in the case of an emergency, instructing them on how to save their “favorite” child, noting that only passengers who paid the extra $49.99 had been equipped with oxygen.

“He must be the world’s funniest flight attendant,” said Kuhn.

“He was so personable and had us all in stitches— hook, line, and sinker.”

Since being uploaded online, Sandberg’s announcement is going viral.

He clearly knows how to connect with his passengers who fill the room with thunderous applause when his speech ends.

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Cindy told the UK Daily Mail: “I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. The chances of seeing something like this are so minute, so I’m glad to have been a part of it.”

“Some people can be in a mood when flying so I think this was really great because it made everyone feel happy.”

Since being uploaded two weeks ago, Sandberg’s announcement has been viewed 17M times.

“Had the privilege of performing with this awesome man in high school. He’s as entertaining as he is kind-hearted. So awesome seeing this”

“You make me want to buy a plane ticket just so I can fly with you just to hear this.”

“I really needed this today!”

Watch the hilarious video below!

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