Fernando Daniel Recap On The Voice - Portugal

July 9th, 2018

Every once in a while, a cover performance gives the original artist a run for their money. Everybody knows that Adele has some serious chops, but that didn’t stop Fernando Daniel from stepping up to the mic and giving it a shot. What happened next left everybody in the room utterly speechless.

Daniel pulled off a jaw-dropping performance on The Voice Portugal with his mesmerizing rendition of Adele’s, “When We Were Young.” While you may assume the crooner was singing to a sold-out stadium of adoring fans, the performance actually took place as part of a blind audition where he was hoping to get a spot on the show.

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Three of the judges turned their chair in less than 30 seconds into the performance with the final judge relenting once Daniel’s velvety voice rose to power and conviction.

Not surprisingly, the incredible performance brought the entire room to their feet. Moments later, a judge emotionally embraced him as the entire room applauded. At that moment, there was no denying that Daniel earned his place on the show.

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Fans around the world chimed in to praise the amazing performance. Some even dared to say Daniel’s version was better than the original artist.

I never liked this song until I heard you singing it! You’re amazing @f_daniel_r_a, I hope you win,” one Twitter user gushed.

As if we really needed any more proof that this guy was destined to be a winner, his final performance of Sia’s Chandelier put any doubts to rest.

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You can see the emotion in his face and hear it in his voice with every single note. Again, he brought listeners in with his smooth voice only to ramp it up to the point that EVERYBODY had goosebumps.

If it appeared as though Daniel was at home on the stage, it’s probably because it wasn’t his first time in the starlight. His first televised performance was in 2014 on Factor X which is the Portuguese version of X Factor. He joined with fellow performer, Luana Ribeiro, and formed the duo BABEL. They were later eliminated in fourth place.

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After winning The Voice, Daniels went on to participate in the RTP Fesitival Song 2017 he competed for the RTP Festival of Song 2017 so he could participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Ultimately, Daniels ended up placing fifth in that competition. Wow! I wonder what the competition sounded like.

Since his time performing in competitions, he has put out two albums including 2017 Festival da Cancoa and 2018 Salto. I suspect we will see a lot more of this amazing performer for years to come!

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Source: The Voice Portugal