Poodle's sleeping habit shows what live in a puppy mill was like

March 26th, 2019

There is nothing sweeter than the story of a dog being rescued from a puppy mill. The conditions these dogs often suffered through seem unbearable to families looking to adopt a new pet, and usually affecting the rescued dogs for the rest of their lives. This rescued poodle developed some strange sleeping habits during her time in an over crowded puppy mill, confusing her rescuers and foster mom.

The poodle, now named Jordan Knight, was saved from a puppy mill with over 700 other dogs in Georgia. The licensed breeder was reported to the police after inhumane conditions came to light. Jordan’s foster home got an idea of what life in the overcrowded puppy mill was like on his first night home.

Knowing that the puppy would be terrified, his new foster mom, Mellissa Lentz made sure to give Jordan a nice space of his own with a bed where he could go to be comfortable and hopefully relax. What she caught on camera when he made his way to his bed was saddening. Instead of lying down in his bed, Jordan walked over to the cushion, gently placed his head on the side, and fell asleep- standing up.

This is Jordan Knight last night, the first night in his foster home… he is one of the puppy mill dogs. Let this sink in… he is beside a dog bed but has no idea what to do with it but he’s completely asleep. He has likely lived his entire life sleeping like this, learning to get comfortable standing, which is why even their toenails grow straight out versus curling. This is what pure greed did to this dog. He is so unfamiliar with a home and his surroundings that he’s living as if he was still in those cages piled on top of other dogs just trying to stay alive and get comfortable any way he had to. We will share the good, the bad and the ugly on their progress because they deserve their reality to be shared. We also see a few organizations have their mill dogs already available for adoption and we think that’s a mistake. Sure, some may be ahead of the game and may be ready sooner than others, but to give them 4 days and throw them out into the world to set them up for failure is just cruel. Please, if you’re considering adopting one of them this soon, expect to need a lot of patience. We will do better by our mill kids, we owe that to them ❤️*UPDATE* His foster mom went over there after this 20 second video, scooped him up, put him in the bed with the blanket and he slept okay his first night. If we don’t show the reality, there would be no change. So this is how he was when he got to her, it is not how she left him. Please understand we have incredibly loving foster homes and he is in one of the best. But without exposing the reality of what these dogs have been through, this man likely wouldn’t be in jail. Follow along our Facebook page to see all of their updates ❤️Visit 👉🏼 to see our recent on Jordan Knight

Posted by Releash Atlanta on Thursday, March 7, 2019

“He was so used to standing to sleep due to his cramped cage,” says Releash Atlanta, the organization that rescued and placed Jordan in foster care. “He did the same thing on his first night in his foster home.” Luckily it wasn’t long before Jordan learned that things worked differently in this new place.

His new friends, a collection of forever home pups and foster dogs are happy and lighthearted, something that Jordan learned slowly. There is so much room to explore, and places that it’s ok to lay down. Since arriving at his foster home, Jordan has also had a spa day, learning that snuggling up in a towel after a warm bath actually feels good.

Lentz has learned a few of Jordan’s favorite things since he has moved in as well. Snuggling up on the couch with the other dogs, dinnertime, and climbing in and curling up in his bed, just to name a few. Lentz even managed to get him to snuggle on her lap, showing a new found confidence and trust in Jordan that had never been developed at the puppy mill.

“With a lot of love and attention from his foster family, he’s finally settling in.” Releash Atlanta wrote. “These dogs have been traumatized emotionally and mentally. To expect them to suddenly change overnight is impossible, but we are doing our best to erase their past and replace it with love, attention, and comfort while they learn this whole new world of theirs.”

The most important thing for Jordan now is to continue to recover and adjust to a new life of love- just like all puppy mill survivors. “He will be [up for adoption] as soon as he’s physically and emotionally ready?” says Lentz in an interview with the Dodo.

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We’ve had a lot of people messaging us for updates on Jordan Knight (the NKOTB former puppy mill pup that was sleeping standing up), and we’re happy to report that he’s doing GREAT and making progress every day!!! Here’s a cute video of Jordan learning how to play! 😍 For the first couple minutes (not pictured) he just stared at the other dog quizzically, wondering why he was wiggling, wagging, bowing down, and barking at him. Then at the end he really gets the hang of it and starts imitating the other dog!! We’ll be sure to post an update every few days for all his fans. In the meantime, his foster mom, Melissa Lentz, posts daily updates on him on her personal page for anyone that needs a little more Jordan Knight in their lives (the posts are public so no need to friend request). ❤️🐶🐾

Posted by Releash Atlanta on Wednesday, March 13, 2019