Get Your Way Using These 10 Psychological Tricks

October 24th, 2018

Can’t get your kids to eat broccoli? Want to get a coworker to agree with you without much effort? Are you trying to get your significant other to open up? Want to become a Rock, Paper, Scissors champion? You can do all of these things, and much more, by “getting psychological.”

There are actually easy-to-do “mind tricks” that can help you get what you want without much effort. So, make sure to check out the following 10 psychological tricks to get your way each and every day!

Build an Instant Connection

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To make an instant connection with someone you meet for the first time, you usually shake their hand. But when you do, make sure your hand is warm. A warm hand is more inviting than a cold hand, according to recent research.

Another way to build an instant connection is to mimic their actions because it builds trust and suggests you are a good fit with the other person.

Power of Persuasion

If you are trying to get another person to agree with you, do this: As you are asking them something, nod your head. This immediate affirmation usually leads to the other person instantly thinking what you are saying must be true. It’s a psychological cue that is usually very effective.

The Broccoli Trick

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Tired of arguing with your kids about eating their broccoli? Try this: Instead of asking them if they want any broccoli, ask them if they want two stalks or five stalks. This way, they feel like they have a say in how much they can eat. This trick works for any type of food or even other situations.

The Psychic Parent Trick

This subtle psychological trick is one that will impress your kids … or worry them! Next time you see your kids are up to something and you notice, don’t let your kids know what you’ve seen. Instead, turn the other way and call them on their shenanigans! They’ll wonder how you knew what they were doing.

Get Some Help

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If you need help from a friend with something, such as carrying a stack of books, hand them the books while talking to them. They’ll probably take the books for you without even thinking about it because they are distracted by your conversation.

Stalker Detector

Do you ever get that creepy feeling that you’re being watched? If you’re not sure, try this: Yawn and then look at the suspected stalker. Because yawning is “contagious,” if they yawn too, they were probably watching you.

Master Rock, Paper, Scissors

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If you like playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with your friends or family, here’s a tip that will surely help you win. Before starting the game, ask your opponent a question. Then, quickly start your game by shouting, “Rock, Paper, Scissors!” Your opponent will probably throw scissors, so you should throw rock to win the game.

Why will they defensively throw scissors if you ask them a question right before starting the game? According to a magician’s technique, asking a question makes some people defensive, so they throw a defensive move … scissors.

Get Info From Your Significant Other

Want to get some information out of your significant other? Ask the person a question. And if they don’t answer the question or only partially answer it, make eye contact with them and stay quiet for several seconds. This will result in the person talking again because of the awkward silence!

Get Rid of That Song Stuck in Your Head

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Can’t get that song out of your head? Do this: Think of the lyrics at the end of the song. That’s it! This should get the song out of your head because, according to the Zeigarnark effect, your brain equates the end of a song to “closing the loop.”

End Confrontation

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If you suspect that someone at work or at school is about to confront you, sit next to them. It’s harder for someone to become aggressive or bad-mouth you if you’re sitting right next to them.

Source: Daily Mail