Engineer Creates Real Life Spider-Man Web Shooter

October 8th, 2018

Imagine actually being about to live out a day swinging from skyscraper to skyscraper.

While we may not be quite there yet, we’re definitely one step closer with this invention.

Recent years have seen an increase in backyard engineering, and no more so in the homemade superhero gadgetry. The latest gadget in your superhero arsenal is the functional Spider-Man web shooter.

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HeroTech via YouTube Source: HeroTech via YouTube

So, where can I find one?

The engineer behind this superhero invention made it available for the masses on Etsy, unfortunately, I’m sad to say to all you superhero fans, but the item has been sold out, at least for now.

Those who managed to get their hands on it while it was available reported some minor technical difficulties, but after those difficulties were addressed, the lucky recipients have since reported nothing but happiness.

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HeroTech via YouTube Source: HeroTech via YouTube

How does it work?

According to the Etsy description, the web shooters use a web firing technology that utilizes Neodymium rare earth magnets that can stick to any magnetic surface up to 9 feet away

Despite the awesomeness factor, due to the use of powerful magnets they should not be used near electronics, and it states explicitly that people who have pacemakers should not use them.

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HeroTech via YouTube Source: HeroTech via YouTube

Web shooter features

According to the engineer behind this product, the web string itself is not strong enough for people to perform all if any of Spidey’s signature moves, and it only sticks to magnetic surfaces, but you can use it as the perfect addition to your Halloween costume (be warned it’s not recommended for anyone below the age of 15).

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HeroTech via YouTube Source: HeroTech via YouTube

It has two types of reusable webbing, one made out of polyester that resembles the webbing our friendly neighborhood Spiderman has, and the other a super tough “SpiderWire” web string, projectile detection system with green LED indicator lights, an integrated safety feature.

For those who would lie to remain incognito, the web shooter also features a swappable watch cartridge that can display the time.

If you’re interested in how things work, you can view a video of how it works here:

With great power comes great responsibility

Or in this case a potential lawsuit disclaimer.

“Never point at a sapient being, never swallow the magnets”

“Never apply force to or try to pull anything with the web string”

“HeroTech is not responsible for any harm caused by the web shooter or its components”

These are just a few warnings that the engineer behind the web shooter put up on Etsy to ensure the safety of our hero or any bystander that has been somehow caught in the crossfire. Apparently, being a superhero is more than just fun and saving the day.

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HeroTech via YouTube Source: HeroTech via YouTube

Tips and tricks on how to be the best Spider-Man

Now that we got past the tech lingo, the how it’s made portion, the specs behind the device, how not to use it, and how it looks, let’s get into how to actually use the personal web-slinging device.

Watch this real-life Peter Parker show how it is done with his web shooter while you imagine a future where superhero gadgets are just a few days away in the mail.

It might just be getting closer to reality.

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