Elvis Wrote This Song But Sinatra Steals The Show!

July 12th, 2018

It is a universally accepted fact that music has no language. But that does not stop music from uniting entire generations. A lot of people think that the golden age of music has passed us while there are others who find today’s music better than yesterday’s!

While we are not judging either of the two, there is no denying the fact that there were some true musical geniuses over the years. And there is nothing bigger for all music lovers than seeing two hugely popular artists coming together to collaborate.

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Musical Legends Come Together

And when not just two popular artists, but two legends of music come together to share a stage and song, it is sure to create some waves. And that wave could be felt on March 26, 1960 when Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra came together on stage to sing Frank Sinatra’s “Love me Tender.” The performance was out of this world and the reaction of the crowd at this epic collaboration is enough to prove that.

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tati nodia via YouTube Source: tati nodia via YouTube

Thankfully, all of us who missed out by not being there in the moment, can still rejoice because someone thought it would be nice to record this epic performance. While it was hidden for a long time, this gem of a performance is finally finding the popularity it deserves.

An Unlikely Partnership

What was really surprising about this collaboration was that no one would have expected these two to come together for a performance. The reason was simple. According to Faithtap, Sinatra was not really a fan of Elvis’ music which followed the classic rock n roll style. Sinatra was critical of the music which according to him “smelled phony and false” and was only “sung by cretinous goons!”

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The Elvis biography website states that it was ultimately Sinatra’s daughter who was able to convince him to go on stage alongside Elvis Presley and the magic was imminent. The two fed off each other’s energy and voice and even seemed to get along pretty well!

A Treat for the Audience

But the true winners of this amazing collaboration were the audience and they knew it. The screams of men and women along with the cheers and singing along is the reason why most musicians love to play in front of a live audience. It was a fitting reaction to a truly great performance.

The Return of Elvis

What made this occasion even more special was that it was Elvis’ first performance after a two-year gap. He had been enlisted in the army and it was only in 1960 that he was released. During that time, Elvis also lost his mother and he was not sure if the public would show the same kind of love that they did before.

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But Sinatra was sure that the Elvis magic was not over. According to Elvisbiography, Sinatra organized an entire special called “The Frank Sinatra Timex show: Welcome Home Elvis” which was taped at the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami and aired on the 8th of May, 1960.

It was a great gesture by a great man which led to one of the most memorable musical performances ever. It must have been humbling to be in the audience in the presence of two musical legend.

Even though we will not be able to experience the entire magic, thankfully, we can still feel some part of it because of the video of this performance that can be seen below!

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Source: FaithTap