Elephant Helps Its Baby's Cross The Road

August 29th, 2017

Most Americans have likely only seen elephants at the zoo.

These incredible creatures are native to sub-saharan Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia and for many people living in those areas, they are a fact of everyday life. Just like those who live in the Midwest may be used to deer crossing signs, anyone living in Southeast Asia may need to look out for elephants on the road.

Still, when elephants cross the road it can a be a delicate process.

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The clip below was captured by nature photographer and videographer Jasoprakas Debdas.

Debdas works out of India and has captured plenty of thrilling footage of local wildlife. This clip is no different as a huge elephant emerges from the jungle onto the road. After a moment, he sees a nearby biker and turns his way.

Just like that, the elephant starts charging the biker!

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Fortunately, the biker escapes before anything happens—but the elephant seems to have another motive.

Once the biker has been chased off, the elephant does an about-face and turns to face the oncoming traffic. There are at least three to four cars coming, though upon seeing the massive obstacle in the road, they all do the smart thing and stop.

Seeing that they aren’t coming closer, the elephant takes a few cautious steps forward.

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What happens next is both hilarious and adorable.

Once the coast is clear, the elephant gestures into the brush—and out follows his entire family! With his safe guidance, the elephant guides the mother and two children safely across the road without harm to anyone. As it turns out, the biker was just a distraction to the elephant’s larger goal.

Who knew that nature footage like this could come with its own plot twist?

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Aside from being the cutest thing ever, this story teaches us to be more aware and understanding.

Though elephants are understandably intimidating creatures, they are also beautiful and empathetic animals that have been forced to live in communities with people in many areas. They have families and normal needs of their own, even if we can’t always understand their actions.

Because everyone in the clip was aware, nobody got hurt and the elephants made it safely across the road.

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Still, these lessons don’t only apply to elephants—it’s important no matter who you are!

Next time you’re about to get afraid or angry at someone, take a breath, release it and remember this cute family of elephants. And feel free to re-watch as many times as you need to, of course.

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Source: Jasoprakas Debdas