This Mom Went From Drug Addict To Viral Vlogger

July 10th, 2018

There are over 325 million people in the U.S. alone. Of those, according to Statistics on Drug Addiction, over 21,500,000 were addicted to drugs in 2014 (the number has grown since then).

Tiffany Jenkins, a recovering addict, wants you to know that it’s a problem, and it’s a BIG one.

Tiffany is a popular mom video blogger (vlogger) who has had several of her posts go viral, and she is using her internet fame to bring awareness to a largely unaddressed issue: addiction.

Tiffany started out like many addicts; an all in all good kid. She was a healthy, popular, active young student with her life in front of her.

Then one day, she took a drink. She recalls how it started in a video from Circa, stating,

Prior to using drugs for the first time, I was a great kid. I was captain of the cheerleading squad. One day when I was just hanging around with the wrong group of people, I took a sip of alcohol and literally…it was like I couldn’t stop.

The photo on the left is not me… . . . . Well, technically it’s my body – but she isn’t ME. There is no life behind her eyes, no radiance in her skin and no joy in her heart. That girl couldn’t go an hour without doing drugs. She woke up every morning wanting to die. She twisted and turned in sweat-soaked sheets for hours, begging for God to take her soul. She looked toward the future and it was dark. She was broken, and in her mind – irrepairable. The girl on the RIGHT wakes up each day with gratitude in her heart, because she is living a life more beautiful than she could have ever dreamed. The girl on the right lays her head on her pillow each night, alongside four other heartbeats that set her world on fire. She has life behind her eyes, radiance in her skin and an immeasurable amount of joy in her heart. She has gone five and a half years without putting a drug in her body and thanks God each time he wakes her to a new day…a second chance. The girl on the right is proof…that there’s NO SUCH THING as a lost cause, and a life after addiction IS possible. #addiction #recovery #secondchances #lifeafteraddiction #ificandoitsocanyou #jugglingthejenkins #myGodisgood

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Jenkins continued down this path until she became addicted to opioids, then things got worse. She found herself lying on the floor of a jail cell in 2012, where she had to go through painstaking withdrawals.

After spending 120 days in jail, she began the long, hard road to recovery.

I knew that drugs were bad…but I thought they were bad because that’s what old people told you when they didn’t want you to have fun. Um, like I literally didn’t know that they would destroy everything I ever touched.

Tiffany had to find out the hard way, and she wants to make sure that other people in her situation know there IS a way out.

She also wants non-addicts to know that people facing addiction can’t do it alone, and need the love and emotional support of the people around them more than ever.

Five & a half years ago I was detoxing on the floor of a jail cell on “suicide watch”. My life had no purpose, I was lost and I was broken. The program of NA, my sponsor, my higher power and all the friends I’ve met along the way, have led me to THIS moment. To say that I am honored to have been invited to share my testimony at the Sarasota County Jail today, would be an enormous understatement. The people working in the jail have an AMAZING program in place in the “Recovery pods”, where inmates spend HOURS a day learning about themselves, and how to live a life without the use of drugs. I had no idea that programs like that existed for inmates, and I am beyond grateful to have been a part of it 😍 Kudos, Sarasota County Jail… You are making a difference ❤

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Jenkins is now 6 years sober and raising 4 beautiful kids, and her mission in life is to help other people who are just like she was.

According to Jenkins, her family is what fuels her fire.

knowing that a little human was growing inside me and would depend on me from now until forever gave me a motivation and determination I didn’t know I had to keep going.

Boy, did Tiffany carry on! She now has a blog titled Juggling The Jenkins, where she not only has shared her story of struggle and success but encourages others to share their recovery journey also.

Tiffany has even gone on to write a book about her path through addiction to recovery, and what the struggle is like over the course of time. It’s called High Achiever.

Here she details how she had been hiding her addiction from her friends, family, and even her boyfriend at the time who also happened to be a police officer.

Signing books to ship! #isthisreallife #blessingsofrecovery #lifeisgood

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What makes Jenkins’ story so amazing is how she has inspired tens of thousands of people to get the help they need.

She uses hilarity in her videos to get people’s attention, then redirects it toward what it means to be an addict in recovery.

By drawing a huge awareness of the issue to the forefront, and being supportive to others walking a similar path, Tiffany Jenkins is now saving lives, one funny-ass video at a time.

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This hilarious mom vlogger hopes to use her platform to inspire those battling addiction that there is a life after drugs.

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