Dad Makes Gorgeous Disney Dress For Daughter – Watch It Transform Instantly To Another Dress

February 17th, 2018
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For the most part, so many children out there dream about becoming their favorite characters from beloved children’s films. From the classics- Cinderella, Snow White, Mulan, Jasmine, and more- to the recent favorites like live-action Belle, Elsa, Rapunzel, and many others- these characters are bigger than life and many kids often wish they could become their favorite characters and live out a beautiful fantasy! One little girl however, has gotten something a little better than most of us though, and it all comes thanks to her father, who began to create some dresses for his daughter while planning a vacation.

Originally starting as a small project, California-based designer Nephi Garcia began to make dresses for his 6-year-old daughter while they were making plans to go to Disney World with the rest of the family and she asked for a costume to wear during their trip. This is when he came up with the ultimate plan and decided to take action and do something for his child’s wish!

Most dads would resort to something store bought, but Garcia decided to make a dress from scratch, and from there, Designer Daddy was born. Inspired by Disney and 20th Century Fox, he recreates dresses to look identical to the princesses we’ve come to love in our movies. From Belle from Beauty and the Beast to Cinderella to even a Sailor Moon-inspired dress, these dresses have incredible attention to detail and quality that is unmatched from nearly anywhere else. Many of these dresses also transform from one dress to another, literally giving the ability of the dress-wearer to transform while wearing these beautiful works of art.

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He’s also now since started an incredible Instagram that captures his latest creations on his wife, children, and many other people all over the world and opened an online store that showcases beautiful dresses that transform at the release of a ribbon or button. As these often turn from a regular summer dress into a beautiful princess gown, the transformation is truly magical and perfect for little children all around the world.

Check out some of his dresses here! For those interested in ordering, he has noted that these are custom made per order so they may take over a month to receive. Either way, if your child is serious about becoming a princess, this might just be worth the hefty price tag and wait!

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Source: Bored Panda /Insider