Drag Queens have sassy back and forth with Simon Cowell

August 13th, 2019

Simon Cowell may have just jumped the buzzer too quickly during the second audition of Stephanie’s Child from NYC. What makes this trio of drag queens stand out from the crowd aside from their looks is that they sing and don’t lip sync. It was assumed by the queens that Simon would have some appreciation for this.

Off to a Bad Start

During the first audition, the drag queens thought they were right on top of their performance. It was a jaw-dropping experience when Simon informed them that the vocal just didn’t cut it. The remainder of the judges didn’t agree, and Stephanie’s Child got three yes’s moving them onto the next round.

Things Heat Up

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While the second introductions for the group’s audition got off to a good start, it wasn’t long before things got a little feisty. Specifically, when the girls corrected Simon on his comment about having someone else sing for them. Bottom line is Simon was called out for being a hypocrite.

History Repeats Itself

While the drag queens had high hopes that the second audition was going to go better than the first, thanks to Simon it was a repeat of the first round. The girls/guys failed to impress him. It just might have been the song they chose, which appeared to be directed at Simon. However, according to Simon, it was the screaming that got under his skin. Enough so that he hit the buzzer. The remaining three judges, however, did not follow, and neither did the audience that was now on their feet as they thought differently.

Did Simon Mess Up?

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Simon’s opinion is highly regarded in the music industry but this may just have been one of those times where he erred. He was the first to say that this group “hates him”. No need to wonder why after being rejected by him the first time around. Stephanie’s Child has done a lot of outstanding performances and are no strangers to the stage. There are a lot of fans that believe that this group has earned the title of New York City’s Premier Pop Group.

Some Impressive Accolades

This trio of drag queens is not like the many other contestants that appear on America’s Got Talent. They already were used to being in the spotlight on several different occasions. For example, their many performances at Pride Festivals, performing the opening for Thunderfuck500 and the fact they headlined with Alyssa Edwards. All accomplishments which are impressive but not nearly as their performance on The Voice with Jessie J.

A Temporary Setback

As much as the group Stephanie’s Child held the stage for their two auditions, they did not make it to the live rounds. Although a big disappointment, it isn’t going to stop these drag queens. Their record shows they are on the rise as becoming the most noted pop singing drag queen group and one setback such as this is not going to stop them. They will make their presence known beyond their monthly show which is held at the Green Room 42 in Manhatten.

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