Dog with adorable high-pitched voice loves ‘chatting it up’ – gets adopted

February 20th, 2020

This rescue dog is one talkative pup who vocalizes his opinion at every possible opportunity, whether it’s when he’s excited or laying on the couch- he has something to say. Dennis the chatterbox doesn’t have a typical bark like a dog though, it’s something special.

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Still can’t figure out why they called me Dennis 🤔

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“He sounds a bit like a seal and a pig, who like, somehow ended up as a dog.” says his owner Drew

“I’d turn off the road that leads to the beach, he just knows his directions, and as I take that turn, he’s up. Sort of standing in the middle between the driver’s seat and the passengers seat and he’s just chatting the whole time.” Though it’s not just on trips, it’s whenever Dennis gets excited about something. Just like a human would, he gets excited and wants to tell someone about it.

There isn’t anything wrong with Dennis, and he does in fact know how to bark, he just chooses to express himself this way. Drew says that he is constantly doing it, making sounds that should come from other animals, or making up new sounds of his own all together. Either way, it makes for some great entertainment.

Dennis’s strange quirk may seem annoying to some, but this is actually how Dennis found Drew. Dennis was at the shelter that Drew visited, on his way to adopting another dog. Lucky for Dennis, the dog that Drew was planning on adopting went home with another family, so while he was there looking, he heard something.

“He was jumping up and down, and kind of grunting, without a voice.” Drew described as his first encounter with his forever pup.

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Living my best life✌🏼 #sandyfeet and #whitesheets

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He thought that it was so strange that he couldn’t be ignored, so he took the dog out and immediately fell in love. But unfortunately, Dennis was already signed off to be adopted by another family and the shelter couldn’t let Drew take him home right away. His only option was to foster him until this other family was able to bring him into their home.

Though Drew was trying to do a good deed by not letting Dennis go back into his cage at the shelter, fostering was a terrible idea. The two immediately became attached and when two weeks was up, Drew couldn’t fathom giving this dog to anyone else. The shelter even warned him, that if he fostered Dennis he would get too attached.

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Keep an eye out for these two ugly buggers on @thetodayshow tomorrow morning 📺👀 We’ll be chatting about a recent calendar shoot we did at a dog shelter to raise money and awareness for the countless rescue dogs out there who desperately need our help! This will be Dennis’s first time on live TV. Let’s hope he brings his best talking voice, his big personality, and is wearing his best outfit. This was my second time doing a rescue dog calendar shoot at this particular dog pound. The first time was when I met Dennis, and I just couldn’t leave without him. A life-changing decision I’ll cherish forever. If you want to check out the calendars click the link in my bio 👦🏻🐶 @a.daily.dose.of.dennis – #rescuedog #shelterdog #adoptdontshop #staffy #pitbull #mansbestfriend

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Drew was practically in mourning after the two weeks were up and did everything he could to get this family to let him keep Dennis. Though it wasn’t easy, eventually the family came around when they had seen how much the two had bonded in the short time they were together.

Dennis and Drew are now living happily ever after near the beaches of Australia, practically inseparable. Drew can’t believe the impact that adopting Dennis has had on his life and how attached he has become to his dog, and vice versa. Drew is also unashamed to admit that adopting Dennis has changed the way that he views the world. Looking back, Drew’s life could have been totally different if it hadn’t been for a few grunts strange grunts that day in the dog shelter.

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