Mischievous dog sneaks into house next door every night for kids bath time

November 26th, 2019

When two dogs hit it off, they love to hang out together. It could be a Great Dane and his little buddy a toy poodle. Maybe it’s two labs or huskies.

No matter the size, easy-going dogs quickly become fast friends. They wrestle and frolic, play tug-of-war with a rope toy and chase each other ’round and ’round.

Puppers even love to snuggle and snooze together after a particularly enthusiastic playdate.

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Instagram/aeida.thestaffy Source: Instagram/aeida.thestaffy

A beautiful jet black Staffordshire bull terrier named Aeida loves her human family, but she really hit it off with the neighborhood dog Cashew. Aeida is considerably smaller than her buddy with a very athletic build, but neither one of them notices.

They insist on seeing each other every single day and haveeven become quite forlorn when apart.

So their families decided to make it easier for the lovestruck Aeida and Cashew to hang out.

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Instagram/aeida.thestaffy Source: Instagram/aeida.thestaffy

They agreed to build a doggy door in the wooden fence separating their two homes in Melbourne, Australia, so the two enamored pooches could travel back and forth between the houses and see each other whenever they wanted to. No more waiting for Mom or Dad to schedule a playdate.

The incredibly social Aeida is especially drawn to Cashew’s little humans. One day, Aeida’s Mom and Dad noticed that she had disappeared and they assumed she was lounging with her buddy Cashew.

But she wasn’t. Aeida was up to something surprisingly mischevious…


Aeida had hopped right into the bubbly warm bathtub with the neighbor kids! Nicole Ackehurst, Aeida’s mom, told The Dodo that they couldn’t believe what she had done and neither could the neighbors.

“Aeida is very friendly and loving. She really just loves everyone and anything — especially our neighbors’ children. Our neighbors sent us a Facebook message with Aeida sitting in their bathtub.”

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The Dodo Source: The Dodo

Nicole couldn’t believe what Aeida had done, considering she actually despises taking baths. But as long as the neighbor kids were in the tub, apparently Aeida was more than willing to dive right in, not just once but every single bathtime.

Now, Aeida has become a permanent part of the neighbor kids’ bathtime ritual. Thankfully the neighbors get a kick out of having Aeida at their home for bathtime, too, and she isn’t considered an intrusion – just an extension of their family.

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Instagram/aeida.thestaffy. Source: Instagram/aeida.thestaffy.

Fortunately, both families are in love with each other’s dog and they’re welcome at the other’s home any time. Cashew seems to get a kick out of Aeida’s antics, too.

“She will join them at bathtime at every chance she gets. I’m pretty sure our neighbors love having her over, just as we love having Cashew come over, too. Aeida and Cashew are great friends and have such a strong bond. They’re both considered great parts of our families.”

In fact, Aeida loves bathtime with her little buddies so much that she’ll jump into an empty bathtub in the hopes that someone will fill it up and climb on in with her. How cute is she?!

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