Chihuahua Has Emotional Reaction To BFF's Ashes

September 10th, 2018

Our pets really are part of our families. They’re there for us on days when we need comfort, and they’re constantly putting smiles on our faces. There’s no denying that we love our pets like children.

When they get sick, it’s no small ordeal. Visits to the vet are stressful and can even bring tears to our eyes with a particularly bad diagnosis.

However, it can be even more difficult when we lose a pet unexpectedly.

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At least with a bad diagnosis, you can prepare yourself for the worst and make sure you make the most out of your final days or months with your pet.

Sometimes, other animals are able to detect sickness much sooner than us humans can recognize it. Their senses are more acutely in tune with the world around them. Just look at how birds and other wild animals flee to safety before a big storm or earthquake hits. It’s an amazing intuitive sense that animals have.

When the Copeland family experienced a sudden loss of their beloved bulldog Bubba, they looked back and realized that their chihuahua Gamer had known there was something wrong all along.

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In the days leading up to Bubba’s sudden death, Gamer would go up to his brother’s kennel and shower him with kisses. The Copelands had never noticed this behavior before but didn’t think too much of it. They simply thought that the six-year-old chihuahua was being affectionate.

It turns out, though, that Gamer had sensed that Bubba was sick. Little did their parents know that Bubba would soon die of congestive heart failure.

After Bubba’s heartbreaking passing, his family had him cremated.

When they brought his ashes home and showed them to his brother, something amazing happened.

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In the video below, you’ll see that Gamer approaches the box containing Bubba’s ashes and immediately knows what it is. He rolls around on the ground and gives it sweet little kisses.

There’s no doubt that he knows that he’s saying one final goodbye to his brother.

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The Copelands were brought to tears by the beautiful moment. While the loss of Bubba left them with a gap in their family unit, they were so touched by the outpouring of love they witnessed. They considered Bubba to be like a grandchild, and he’ll be sorely missed.

If you are worried that your dog might have congestive heart failure, there are some signs that you can look out for. The most common in persistent coughing, even when sleeping or resting. Fatigue, loss of appetite, a swollen belly, and bluing of the gums are also signs that your pup is in danger.

It’s always better to play on the safe side when it comes to the health of your pets since they aren’t able to tell us when they aren’t feeling well.

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Cats, especially, are very good at hiding their pain. It’s our job as pet owners to do our best to keep our animals happy and healthy.

Sometimes, though, there’s just no way to know. Tragically, that’s what happened with poor Bubba. On the bright side, though, we know for sure that he had a very happy life judging by the video below. He was deeply loved by his human family and his pup brother. I’m sure a day didn’t go by where Bubba didn’t feel like he was part of a loving family. That’s what every dog deserves to know.

Watch the emotional video below.

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