Owner captures pup show empathy during ‘The Lion King’ scene

February 14th, 2020

The Lion King! Ah! It should come as no surprise to anyone who grew up in the 90s that this masterpiece from Disney was the greatest release ever in the traditional animation format.

The characters, screenplay, script, and the intensive emotional touch; a perfect recipe for a timeless classic. Therefore, to me, who watched Disney’s Lion King back in 1995 on a VHS cassette, it is very easy to understand why this “man’s best friend” felt completely heartbroken upon watching it.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Luna the Pitbull Watches Simba Mourning on Mufasa's Death
YouTube - Josh Myers Source: YouTube - Josh Myers

A true confession of my own: I soaked my entire shirt with tears when Scar threw his own king brother Mufasa from the cliff.

And here in this YouTube video from Josh Myers, this Pitbull is responding with the same emotions to the exact scene, which is impossible for people to ignore because the dog is clearly showing so much compassion for Mufasa.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Luna Feels Pain as Simba Tries to Wake Up his Dad
YouTube - Josh Myers Source: YouTube - Josh Myers

The scene shown in this video starts from the moment when Mufasa is thrown off the cliff – lying dead on the ground – and Simba arrives to wake his dad up. That’s when our furry friend starts to wag her tail and lets out little moans of sadness.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Luna Wags Her Tail As She Watches Simba Trying to Wake Mufasa
YouTube - Josh Myers Source: YouTube - Josh Myers

The Pitbull, whose name is Luna, was playing with her toys when suddenly she focused her attention on the screen. She saw a dead lion on the ground while her young cub innocently tried to wake him up.

Too much for a sensitive and emotionally-intelligent animal like the dog!

“So, Hannah and I were watching the Lion King while Luna played wildly with her toys. But right as Mufasa falls to his death, she stops and turns to the TV to watch,” writes Josh in the description of his video.

As the scene progresses, Luna grasps the intense emotional outbursts of a shattered Simba on his father’s unexpected death.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Luna Watches Simba Stretching Mufasa's Ears
YouTube - Josh Myers Source: YouTube - Josh Myers

Now when Simba was trying to wake his dad up – scratching his paws, stretching his ears, and hopelessly shouting for help – Luna can be seen going back and forth as if it’s she is physically in pain.

“To see her crying at the TV was the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen,” writes Josh in the description.

And that’s when the most heartbreaking moment of the scene arrives – Simba finally realizes that his dad is no more with him. The bereaved cub starts crying while slowly clutching down under his father’s enormous paws.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Luna Feel Sad as Simba Cries
YouTube - Josh Myers Source: YouTube - Josh Myers

“She even lays down right after Simba lays with his dad… We don’t deserve dogs. 💚 4 months old and she’s already showing empathy,” writes Josh.

But an amazing thing followed this emotional encounter – Luna firmly stands up when Mufasa’s brother Scar shows up from behind while Simba is sobbing.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Luna Heads Up & Frowns on Scar
YouTube - Josh Myers Source: YouTube - Josh Myers

It is a very distinct mark of emotional intelligence that was shown by a 4-month-old dog. This is a real blow to all those peoples who believe that animals are incapable of understanding emotions or feelings.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Luna Sits Down & Cry as Simba Cries Alongside His Father
YouTube - Josh Myers Source: YouTube - Josh Myers

So, always love and cherish every animal, and please never underestimate their intelligence – animals are much more capable of understanding feelings and emotions than we think.

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