Shelter Workers Bribe Lonely Dogs With Peanut Butter

December 31st, 2017

Every year, too many dogs and cats wind up in shelters. Of the millions of animals surrendered to animal shelters and animal rescue organizations, there are many heroes trying to save them all.

Many rescue groups have come together to give animals the stability they desperately need after losing their families and homes.

Just one kind act can mean so much to an animal in need.

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Detroit Dog Rescue is one of those groups doing everything they can to help dogs in need. On their Facebook page, the wrote:

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization determined to save homeless, abused, forgotten & misplaced dogs of Detroit and build the first no kill rescue & rehabilitation center in Detroit.

They are shedding light on the terrible conditions that many animals face every day:

There are more than 50,000 homeless and stray dogs running loose on the streets of Detroit. With only twenty-three City of Detroit Animal Control Officers to perform rescue operations, nearly 90% of dogs picked up by the city are euthanized. With limited resources and funding allocations to humane animal rescue operations, Detroit Dog Rescue is a small group of highly committed individuals dedicated to help make a difference in the city, one dog at a time.

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After a dog has been rescued, one of the first things that they need is a bath. Animals that have been neglected or have been living on the streets are often covered in fleas and ticks. They can be riddled with other diseases.

But if you’ve ever owned an anxious animal, then you know a bath isn’t always a fun adventure for a dog.

One way Detroit Dog Rescue is changing how they calm their dogs is by giving them something else to focus on when they’re getting a bath. And what better thing for a dog to focus on that peanut butter? All dogs love peanut butter!

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Much like why humans love peanut butter, dogs do too. The protein and fats in peanut butter are like a natural attractor for dogs.

“Oh my gosh, we go through so much peanut butter at Detroit Dog Rescue! Over 40 jars per month,” Kristina Millman-Rinaldi told The Dodo. “The largest jars we can find.”

Detroit Dog Rescue uses these jars of peanut butter not just for bath time, but also for treats and positive reinforcement with the 90-something dogs they have in their facility at any given time. Their peanut butter of choice is Jif!

“I’ve been right where these dogs are, a lot of people on our staff have felt like these dogs, so we do everything possible to make them feel confident and loved,” Kristina said. “It takes patience, it takes enrichment, it takes thinking outside of the box. And a lot of peanut butter. So much peanut butter.”

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If you’d like to help Detroit Dog Rescue help every dog they can, you can donate here.

[Source: Detroit Dog Rescue]