Home Hacks For Everyday Problems

July 3rd, 2018

End everyday frustrations with these simple, but brilliant, home hacks. From traveling with kids to how to store leftovers, these hacks tackle everyday problems that cause us a mountain of irritation and stress. Your day just got a little easier. Let’s get started.

1. Serve Condiments In A Muffin Tin

Keep your condiments separate for a neat display by placing them in a muffin tin. The separate compartments will keep the condiment from mixing together like a serving platter does. It is also visually appealing and great for parties.

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2. Fix Scratches On An Old CD

Don’t throw those old, scratched CD’s away. Simply rub a freshly cut banana on them. Follow up by rubbing the inside of the peel on your CD. Wipe clean with a soft cloth when finished. You can find a full tutorial here.

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3. Thaw Meat Quickly

Ground beef is usually frozen in a thick square shape making it difficult to thaw. Place your ground beef in a gallon bag and flatten it like a pancake before sealing it up and freezing it. It will thaw quickly when you are ready to use it.

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4. Attach Car Seat To Luggage

Attaching your child’s car seat to your luggage will allow you to tote your child and the luggage effortlessly. It will also give your child a place to ride along so that you can easily keep track of them. Use a simple strap to go around the luggage and through the back of the car seat to connect the two.

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5. Identify Your Luggage Quickly With Tape

Quickly identify your luggage from others by placing vivid and colorful tape on it. This will help your luggage stand out from all of the others by breaking up the sea of black. Place tape on all sides to ensure that you see it from any angle.

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6. Soften Butter Without Melting It

There is a fine line between melted butter and perfectly room temperature butter. Heat a large glass in boiling water for a minute. Stand the butter on its end on a plate. Place the glass over the butter until it melts. Didn’t quite catch that? Here’s the complete tutorial.

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7. Hang Pictures With Soda Can Tabs

Position the soda tab on the back of the picture frame. Screw it into place and, PRESTO! You can hang your picture.

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8. Make Perfectly Portioned Frozen Leftovers In Muffin Tins

When freezing leftovers, place a single portion in each compartment of a muffin tin. Cover with plastic wrap until completely frozen. Pop the portions out and store them in a gallon bag in your freezer for perfect pre-portioned serving sizes.

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9. Avoid Pouring Too Much Sauce By Slitting The Top

When using soy sauce, or any sauce that has a foil seal on the top, avoid getting too much with this hack for everyday problems. Take the lid off but leave the foil intact. Carefully slit it with a knife and the sauce will slowly pour out of the bottle. Enjoy perfect rice!

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10. Make Shaving Cleanup A Breeze With Plastic Shopping Bags

Shaving your face can leave a mess in your sink. Cover the sink with plastic grocery bags before you shave. The bags catch all of the hair so you can easily gather them up and dispose of it all.

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11. No More Leaky Bottles When Traveling

Keep bottles from leaking while traveling with this simple hack for an everyday problem. Remove the lid and place a sheet of plastic wrap over the top. Replace the lid for a leakproof, tight seal.

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12. Use Vinegar And Dish Soap To Eliminate Fruit Flies

Fruit flies driving you crazy? Place a small dish of vinegar on the surface near the flies. Add a few drops of dish soap and the flies will be drawn to it and get stuck there.

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13. Use Foil When Your Batteries Won’t Reach

Sometimes, the battery terminals are just too far for your battery to make a good connection. Place foil on the ends of the battery before placing them in the device. The foil completes the connection.

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