Deaf Boy Has Tearful Moment Hearing Dad First Time

July 10th, 2018

Luiz Gustavo da Silva is a 9-year-old little boy who has taken the internet by storm with a video of his reaction to hearing his dad for the first time in weeks.

Luiz suffers from disabling hearing loss and uses a surgical implant to help him hear.

When his implant broke in March of this year he didn’t know how he would cope, because his family couldn’t afford the $2,162.00 repair.

That’s when his community stepped in.

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Luiz and his family are from a small town in southeast Brazil called Bueno Brandão, and when the community heard that the little boy was concerned he might not get to hear anymore, they decided to step up to the plate.

The town pooled their funds and paid for Luiz’s implant repair!

As a way to show their gratitude, Luiz and his father decided to record the moment he received his hearing back.

The video has gone viral with over 8 million views hundreds of thousands of shares, and it’s no wonder when you see his reaction!

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At first, there seemed to be technical difficulties.

After his Dad first attached his hearing aid, it didn’t seem to make any difference and left little Luiz feeling very confused.

He looks to his dad with his hands up and shoulders shrugged in an unasked question as to why it wasn’t working.

You see the poor boy’s face fall as his hopes to hear are apparently crushed, but his father is quick to step in to see what the problem is.

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Can you imagine worrying over whether or not you were going to be able to hear again?

Unfortunately, this is a dilemma that according to the World Health Organization, millions of people all over the world are faced with.

  • Around 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss (1), and 34 million of these are children.
  • 60% of childhood hearing loss is due to preventable causes.
  • It is estimated that by 2050 over 900 million people will have disabling hearing loss.

After tinkering with the hearing device for a moment, Luiz’s Dad thinks he might have it fixed.

In the video, he reattaches the aid to Luiz’s ear and is barely able to put it on before his son shocks him with his reaction.

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The moment his hearing-aid is replaced, he whips around in an explosive excitement!

He gives his dad two very enthusiastic thumbs up and cries out a sound of shock as he gives his dad a hi-five.

The instant that Luiz hears the sound of his father speaking to him, he erupts into tears of joy!

Hid dad pulls him in with a huge bear hug telling him there’s no reason to cry, even though he’s tearing up himself as he says the words.

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In a long, rocking hug Luiz’s dad keeps saying “You can hear! You can hear!’ over and over again.

The precious little boy then turns around to give a family friend a HUGE hug before running back into his Daddy’s arms.

This video is such a precious look into what it’s like for a child who suffers from severe hearing loss.

The fear of isolation due to impaired hearing, or being left out is something that no child should have to experience, and thanks to Luiz’s loving community, he won’t have to.

Between elated sobs, Luiz turn to the camera and says “Thank you, everyone!”

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