Woman Live-Tweets Adorable In-Flight Romance

July 6th, 2018

Words, they say, can be a very powerful tool… even magical. Some say our words have the ability to create our own reality.

Just ask out loud in words and you shall receive.

Whether or not that’s true, it worked for actor Rosey Blair when a passive joke created a love connection for her flight mates.

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Rosey Blair Source: Rosey Blair

She Tweeted the entire ordeal and it’s basically the best thing on the internet right now.

Blair and her boyfriend were traveling from a comedy festival in New York back home to Texas.

They asked someone to switch seats on their flight so that they could sit together.

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Rosey Blair Source: Rosey Blair

“Last night on a flight home, my boyfriend and I asked a woman to switch seats with me so we could sit together. We made a joke that maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life and well, now I present you with this thread,” she Tweeted on July 3.

The “young pretty woman,” as Blair described her to BuzzFeed, was happy to oblige and switch before realizing how hot her new seatmate was.

“After we had settled into our seats I made a joke about who her next seat partner would be,” Blair said. “I thought it would be funny if it was a handsome man. And then — like magic — a handsome man appeared.”

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Rosey Blair Source: Rosey Blair

Two attractive, fit people… the love connection was off to a good start. The pair immediately started to chat it up.

And as it turns out, they had a lot in common.

They were both into fitness and both vegetarians. Blair and her boyfriend watched gleefully from their seats. They were LIVING for every moment of their interaction!

“My boyfriend and I elbowed each other and were delighted when the pair struck up a lively rapport.”

And before they knew it, the two sexy seatmates started to inch closer.

Blair and her boyfriend started to have great fun having front seats to the lovefest. They started Tweeting photos of the couple inching closer and even took a poll asking whether or not he would buy her drink.

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Rosey Blair Source: Rosey Blair

Their predictions were correct, the fitness buffs didn’t opt for a drink but they did SHARE a cheese board. Things were getting intense.

Not only were Blair and her beau enjoying it but so were Blair’s Twitter followers.

“I thought the story unfolding in front of us was cute, inspirational, and like a real-life romantic comedy,” said Blair as to the reason she shared the story.

Besides, there were no TVs on the flight and this drama was much better than any in-flight entertainment they had ever seen.

Blair, her beau, and their social media followers were completely enraptured by these two.

Every moment became more exciting than the next. They went to the bathroom at the same time, they were showing each other family photos, they were touching each other’s phones. It was like a match made in heaven and they were pretty close being up in the clouds.

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Rosey Blair Source: Rosey Blair

Blair was basically updating her followers the entire time and after they landed. She even had to buy extra plane Wi-Fi to do so.

It wasn’t long before her Twitter thread on the budding romance ended up going viral.

The mystery man on the plane ended up reaching out to Blair and gave her permission to identify him. He’s Euan Holden, a former pro soccer player. People have started to call him “PlaneBae” and are also using the hashtag #CatchingFlightsANDFeelings.

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Rosey Blair Source: Rosey Blair

They have yet to identify the mystery woman publicly.

But the very best part about this story is that it has a happy ending!

Holden and his mystery lady ended up leaving together! Blair was overjoyed, to say the least.

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Rosey Blair Source: Rosey Blair

So many people were in love with this thread including celebrities Monica Lewinsky and comedian Iliza Shlesinger. You can check out the entire hilarious thread below.

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Source: Rosey Blair