Brave dog rips through burning house to save kitten friend

August 19th, 2020

Cats and dogs are often viewed as rivals.

Humans have been pitting them against each other for a long time!

Dogs are outgoing and obedient, while cats are solitary and self-reliant.

This is the tale of a beautiful friendship – an incredible bond between canine and feline further strengthened amid the flames of disaster.

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Years ago, a defense industry company building was the site of a tremendous explosion near Donetsk City, Ukraine.

The resulting fire caused major damage. Giant flames and thick plumes enveloped the surrounding areas, threatening local life.

It wasn’t exactly the Chernobyl disaster but it definitely slammed the nearby residents, endangering their homes and lives. Additionally, the resulting smoke and pollution carried for miles and miles, especially affecting communities downwind.

Structures were lost in the blaze. The blast shook the surrounding area, forcing residents to flee from their homes. Most families made it out with their precious belongings and pets… But the flames forced some into incredibly tough decisions.

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While trying to escape, a local homeowner unleashed his dog in the front yard. Instead of running from the flames, the brave canine ran inside the kindling home.

But why?!

This is looking pretty grim.

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The dog’s human companions stood there stunned and helpless, unable to do anything about the situation.

It was simply too dangerous.

Where did his best friend just go?

He called out to his canine friend but is met with no reply. The situation was starting to look dire.

Would he ever see his friend again?

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Moments later, the unexpected happened.

A silhouette of the brave dog emerged from the flames carrying… a kitten?

Well, that’s certainly a plot twist.

Gripped by the canine’s canines, an adorable little kitten struggles for air.

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Fortunately, they both made it out from the flames completely unscathed, all thanks to this heroic dog. This kitten’s incredibly lucky to have such an amazing friend! They have a beautiful bond, strong enough to risk a life over.

We might have just found the Superman of dogs.

Does that make this kitten Lois Lane?

In fact, certain Superman origin stories have him discovering his powers among the flames as he tries to rescue trapped, helpless civilians.

Upon being reunited with his best friend, the dog’s human companion was surprised, relieved, and elated.

The family was incapable of grabbing the kitten prior to their exit, but this dog was two paws ahead. It wouldn’t let its best friend be harmed.

This epic rescue was simply legendary.

In the face of extreme danger, this dog did not flee. Instead, it risked its own life to ensure the survival of a furry, feline friend.

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Cats and dogs are generally viewed as rivals, but this is mostly a myth! Certain cats and dogs get along swimmingly.

Turns out, these two are best friends. They’re practically inseparable.

And they’re both absolutely adorable!

Fortunately, they have each other’s backs forever. You scratch mine, I scratch yours! This kitten’s got it made with such a loving protector.

So what do you think of this epic tale of bravery and heroism? I feel like I just watched an episode of Superman: The Animated Series.

Thanks to the amazing efforts of this brave, kindhearted dog, their backs came out of this one completely unscathed.

And out of the flames came a true hero.

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Source: Animal Channel, The Wild Child, Real Farmacy