Boy has to shovel snow – video of his despair is the most relatable of this year

December 12th, 2019

I think we can all agree that even if you love winter, no one enjoys shovelling snow. But that’s the cost of living in a beautiful, mountainous winter wonderland like Colorado.

After a heavy snowfall in Colorado Springs, young Peyton was feeling grown up and wanted to help with some chores.

He got dressed up in his warmest clothing and volunteered to shovel the driveway. Peyton started out enthusiastic at first, but after some time he was pretty over it… and threw a little tantrum in the most hilarious way.

Lucky for us, his mom caught the whole thing on CCTV.

“My son Peyton offered to go shovel the 8 inches of snow we got earlier today but quickly realized he was in over his head.”

– Peyton’s Mom

Their home security system has a camera looking out over the driveway, and was able to catch Peyton coming to terms with some harsh realities of winter life.

He showed that shovel who’s boss.

To be fair, he looks pretty pooped. We’ve all been there buddy.

But Peyton is a tough little guy, and tried to persevere. He picked his shovel up again and continued clearing the snow, determined to push through.

But after a few more exasperated snow tosses, he was sick of it. He dropped the shovel, did a 180 spin, and threw himself straight back into a pile of snow, defeated by the elements.

I have never related to something more in my life. If you’re telling me you haven’t thought about doing this while shovelling, you’re lying.

Maybe they should teach little Peyton how to use a snowblower, or a plow…. Just kidding, that seems wildly irresponsible.

Or maybe they should take some advice from these guys in West Virginia, who invented a brilliant way to remove snow without the need for a shovel!

There are a few ways to make shovelling easier (if you must), including the first and most important step, staying warm.

This seems obvious but it makes all the difference. Bundle up with thick gloves, hats, thick socks, and even toss some heat packs in your shoes if it’s a really cold day out there.

Peyton wouldn’t have been able to fall back into a cushion of fresh snow in a pair of jeans and a light jacket. Whether you’re shovelling or having a little temper tantrum, dressing for the weather is the key.

Stretching before and/or after to make sure you don’t pull any muscles is also a big help. Look at shovelling as a little workout, and reward yourself with a hot bath if you have the time. You deserve it.

And the top insider hot tip: applying some cooking oil spray along the blade of the shovel will make it glide like scissors on wrapping paper. You can thank me later.

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Source: Good News Network