Little Girl Dies On Bouncy Castle, Mom Warns Others

July 11th, 2018

Beachgoers at Gorleston, Norfolk in the United Kingdom witnessed a tragic event as a little girl was catapulted more than twenty feet in the air due to an ‘exploding’ bouncy castle.

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Geoff Robinson Source: Geoff Robinson

With the temperatures hitting over 87 degrees, the area was absolutely packed with people. The sudden heatwave was a perfect time for families to relax on the beach. A playground for children with all sorts of bouncy castles was set up.

Unfortunately, a horrible accident occurred which caused one of the bouncy castles to explode, likely due to the heat.

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PA Source: PA

A young girl, presumed no more than four years old, was simply playing on one of the castles with a trampoline when the inflatable structure blew up. Eyewitnesses claim that she flew a whopping twenty feet into the air and that the explosion was “the most enormous bang” they’ve ever heard.

Dozens of people quickly gathered to help, and emergency services desperately performed first aid and CPR to keep her breathing.

Tragically, the little girl later passed away in the hospital.

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PA Source: PA

“Just seen the most horrific thing in my life,” one anonymous eyewitness recalls. “A bouncy castle exploded at the beach and the child on it was catapulted about 20ft into the air.”

“PLEASE do not allow your children on a bouncy castle in this heat and PLEASE say a prayer for the 4-year-old rushed to hospital after 15 minutes of CPR.”

“Totally heartbroken to hear that the little girl didn’t make it. Thoughts and prayers go out to her family.”

Beachgoer Karen Sell was just about to leave the area when she heard a shocking bang.

“I was walking away from the beach and I heard the most enormous bang and straight away turned round. I was at the top of the stairs near the cliff that overlooks the beach and people were all there and everyone was in shock. I spoke to someone who described how the girl was just thrown about 20ft into the air and landed on the floor.”

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Antony Kelly Source: Antony Kelly

The investigation of the shocking tragedy is still ongoing, but people are speculating that the heat was the cause of the sudden explosion. Owner of the inflatable structures, Curt Johnson, thinks this may be the reason as well.

Air pressure inside inflated structures increases when temperatures are higher, and it’s possible that the castle simply couldn’t handle the higher pressure. Local authorities and the National Health and Safety Executive are conducting a joint investigation to figure out what exactly went wrong.

“It is very upsetting,” the owner told. “We have been at the beach for a very long time, definitely a number of years and it is the first accident we have had there and it is quite shocking.”

“We are in bits and totally devastated, we can’t sleep, can’t eat, feel sick to the core.”

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Antony Kelly Source: Antony Kelly

Help came from all directions and arrived quickly after the incident, but despite the quick intervention, the little girl sadly didn’t make it.

“Several of our teams were dispatched, with the first on scene in four minutes,” the local Ambulance Service released in a statement. “The young female was seriously injured and in cardiac arrest on our arrival, and was conveyed to James Paget Hospital.”

“We would like to thank everyone who rushed to respond the young patient, and did everything possible to give her treatment and care. Our thoughts are with the family at this time.”

Robert Halfon, a Member of Parliament, is now investigating a temporary ban on inflatable structures until further notice.

Especially since this isn’t the first time that a little child passed away due to a bouncing castle in the country.

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Wayne Pilgrim Source: Wayne Pilgrim

“There should be a temporary ban on bouncy castles and inflatables in public areas until we can ensure they are safe.”

“These are two tragic deaths of two beautiful little children in the space of a few years and there needs to be an urgent investigation in the regulation and inspection regimes.”

“You cannot risk a tragedy like this happening again.”

Kayla-Ann Weaver and her children saw everything as they were sitting very close to the inflatable playground.

“Never ever will I let my girls on a bouncy castle ever. My thoughts are with the little girls family. It is terrible.”

“Cherish every moment you never know what could happen in a blink of an eye,” she concluded.

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Source: BBC, The Daily Mail