Big sister stops baby from crying when she sings sweetest ‘You Are My Sunshine’

May 28th, 2020

Newborns are pretty challenging. Although adorable, they’re constant criers and their lack of potty training isn’t exactly endearing. Some newborns are impossibly hard to please.

And how do you even comfort a distressed, crying baby?

Obviously, you sing. But not everyone has the magical touch.

Newborn Gabby’s not exactly in the best mood. In a touching moment of sibling love, big sister Zoey affectionately holds her hand and begins to sing “You are My Sunshine” to make her troubles disappear. The results are absolutely adorable.

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Gabby’s upset, and she’s been crying uncontrollably. In an attempt to ease the pain, Zoey starts her serenade to the American classic. Her efforts are quite endearing.

According to, some of the lyrics to “You are My Sunshine,” originally popularized by Jimmie Davis in the early 20th century, are as follows:

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away.

Later, the song was covered by musical legends such as Ray Charles and Johnny Cash, among countless others. Most Americans have heard it in some form or another, whether in music class or in film.

Gabby responds almost instantly to Zoey’s soft voice.

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Gabby relaxes – her crying subsides.

Did Zoey pull off the borderline impossible?

Joy spreads across Gabby’s face, creating a stark contrast to her mood merely seconds ago. Her mouth opens wide in awe.

It’s working! Gabby seems like a completely different person. Zoey’s singing has lifted the crying spell. They continue to hold hands, lying snugly in bed.

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Gabby finally lets out a smile as Zoey continues her touching performance. The lyrics and melody are perfect for the occasion.

Gabby looks adorable in her little pink button up. Her colorful belt matches, perfectly. The jeans tie the entire ensemble together.

Zoey’s efforts are clearly effective – Gabby seems to feel so much better now.

Ah, the power of love. Zoey’s a master healer, capable of calming the calamitous mind.

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Zoey proceeds to wrap her arms around her baby sister, creating quite the “awww”-inspiring moment. The two spend a few moments snuggling – a beautiful bonding moment between sisters.

It’s easy to forget about Gabby’s recent distress and bout of crying. Zoey’s incredibly careful with her baby sister, and Gabby responds beautifully.

They’re so cute together. Too cute, some would argue.

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Embracing Gabby, Zoey continues her serenade. Her soothing voice continues to comfort Baby Sister. Hopefully, they both view this footage when they’re older.

Gabby’s now completely calm. All distress has been totally dispelled.

Zoey’s affection is so endearing – and her voice isn’t half bad. Gabby absolutely loves it. Although she can’t communicate in words, her facial expressions sum up her thoughts.

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Countless parents wish they had Zoey’s touch. Sometimes, it’s borderline impossible to bring peace to a troubled baby. Zoey effectively ends her sister’s distress by sweetly singing “You are My Sunshine.”

The power of love truly knows no bounds, as cliché as that sounds. Zoey adores her newborn sister. She’s sweet and understands Gabby, possessing the almost magical power of newborn-calming.

Within a matter of moments after starting the serenade, Gabby’s problems disappeared. Relief and joy quickly followed, all thanks to her warmhearted sister.

Zoey and Gabby are going to grow up together. They seem like two peas in a pod.

Something tells me they’ll be just fine.

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