Blogger Reveals What Her Skin looks Like Without Makeup

January 2nd, 2018

Acne is something that many people have had and hated.

But while many people have had acne, primarily during their teenage years, not everyone has had the same kind of acne.

For some, their acne is so severe, it has caused them to change their entire lifestyles trying to hide it or get rid of it.

Cystic acne is painful red pimples and blackheads that occur when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells.

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Cassandra Bankson is a YouTube beauty blogger. While she has thousands of followers who tune in to see her makeup tips, she also has spent years hiding something.

She had severe cystic acne. It covered her entire face, it was on her neck, and it was even on her back. In an emotional YouTube video, she revealed how terrible her acne has made her feel over the years:

“I feel that acne is what made people hate me all my life. It was really hard for me growing up hating myself.”

Not only did her skin make her feel awful, but some terrible people had made nasty comments telling Cassandra to “kill herself” because of her acne.

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For years, Cassandra hid her acne with makeup. By many, she was considered a pro at hiding her bad skin. Many hadn’t realized how much she was hiding.

When Cassandra was in her prime as a blogger and a runway model, she also felt suicidal. She then revealed to the world what her skin really looked like in a brave video.

Cassandra realized she wanted to make herself feel better. So, she decided to change something in her routine.

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“I cut out dairy for two weeks to see if it made a difference in my skin. My skin started to clear up in as little as two weeks. Then I started to wonder, are there antibiotics in the meat that I’m eating? Am I personally sensitive to this stuff?”

There are many foods that have been attributed to acne, such as dairy, soda, chocolate, bread, and more. Along with foods, hormones are also a main culprit for acne.

You can see Cassandra’s incredible transformation in the video below!

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