A Mom Gives Birth At Six Flags - And Gets Free Membership For Life

August 6th, 2018

There are few sights in the world as special as one of a mother cuddling a newborn baby for the first time. It is a precious moment that is one of the finest examples of love. For something that is as beautiful as that, shouldn’t the place of birth be as exceptional?

Boring births

While we may wish that we were born in some adventurous far off lands in the middle of some great story, the reality is that most of us were either born in a hospital room, at home, or on the way to the hospital! So, there is little that we can boast about when it comes to how we were born.

Exceptions to the rule

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Six Flags Over GA via Twitter Source: Six Flags Over GA via Twitter

There are always exceptions to any rule. When this latest addition to the family grows up he will be telling regaling stories of how he was born! His mother, Crusita was out with his elder sister at Six Flags over Georgia when he was born. Crusita may have gone to Six Flags with one child but came back with one more!

Not a regular day out

It was definitely not a regular day out for Crusita and her daughter who were at Six Flags and playing in the Hurricane Harbor water park. Crusita was pregnant at the time even though she was not expecting to deliver anytime soon. She definitely wan’t intending to give birth at Six Flags! However, she went into labor while at the amusement park much to her and everyone else’s surprise!

Delivering a bundle of joy

As soon as she felt like she was going into labor, Crusita rushed to the first aid section of the park. On seeing her condition, they immediately called for emergency responders. Before help could arrive, Crusita had already delivered a healthy little baby boy who she named Mathew.

There were cheers all around as everybody involved was enthusiastic about bringing this bundle of joy into the world. The elation was clearly visible on Crusita’s face as she held her new born.

Six Flags high

The joy wasn’t contained to just the mother or the people present. When the Six Flags over Georgia management learned of the news, they shared it on their Twitter feed to celebrate the occasion. In fact, they went so far as to call him the “Six Flags baby boy”.

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Six Flags Over GA via Twitter Source: Six Flags Over GA via Twitter

Their elation did not end just there. They even offered Crusita a Matthew Diamond Elite membership to Six Flags which basically allows both mother and baby to enter any Six Flags for free at any time for the rest of their lives!

Happiness all around

A Six Flags employee spoke to Fox News 5 and said that “All of us at Six Flags Over Georgia wish Crusita, Mathew, and their entire family a lifetime of happiness, health, and many thrilling roller coaster rides together.”

Two for two

Interestingly, it wasn’t the only special case of childbirth that has been doing the rounds recently. Crusita’s story comes just days after another child was delivered at Chick-fil-A and the baby was granted free Chick-Fil-A for life.

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Seth Hobbs via Twitter Source: Seth Hobbs via Twitter

It is easy to see a trend forming and that is the reason why these two incredibly cute stories of child birth have given way to a number of jokes on the internet with people wishing they had been born in different places like a Louis Vuitton store or Disneyland!

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Tiffany M. Graves via Twitter Source: Tiffany M. Graves via Twitter

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