Mom Puts Twin Girls On Bed - Watch How Baby On Right Makes The Other Laugh In Adorable Fashion

January 4th, 2018

Most of us share some great memories of fun times with our younger or older siblings, or we are reminded by them by the videos that our parents showed us.

Regardless of the difference in age, having a sibling is a great blessing. But having a twin is an entirely new level of sibling bonding, and being part of a twin dynamic is particularly great.

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In this YouTube video, two twin babies are having a great time together.

The sweet little babies in the video enjoy each other’s company a little too much, to the point where one of them cracks up and cannot stop laughing anymore.

Every time one of the twins gives the other a certain type of stare or makes a sound, the other one starts laughing hysterically.

The entire video is not only extremely cute and funny, the laughter of the babies is also infectious! The mother thought it was a good idea to record this cute laughter exchange and to post it online so that she could share it with the world, and we can totally see why! This heartwarming moment between those two babies is incredibly beautiful.

One of the babies might grow up to become a comedian and will have her twin as her biggest fan forever! Since twins share so much, they likely will grow up to like the same things. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that if one of the babies laughs, the other one will laugh right after.

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Just as all twins share a special “twin bond,” some share something a little different.

Sometimes, twins end up experiencing extreme rivalry between one another. This happens to only a small number of twins. According to the Twins UK website, sometimes twins need to fight to keep their place even before they are born!

When you think about it, twins need to constantly share everything. They share a place in their mothers’ womb; they share the same toys; and as they grow up they share the same birthday and maybe even the same friends and the same room. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some twins need to assert their dominance over the other.

These growing pains can be eased if parents allow twins to have some independence from one another as they grow up. This allows them to decrease the rivalry that could arise between them and strengthen their bond and love for each other.

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Luckily, these two cute little babies are too young to fully understand the complexities surrounding twin behavior, and they have plenty of time to grow up and learn about it later in life. In the meantime, it is important that they keep enjoying each other’s company and that they keep laughing at each other as soon as a funny face or sound is made.

By looking at their laughing session, you will realize how much these siblings love each other and how great they are together.

Their parents are very lucky to have such sweet and funny babies. Considering the fun that the babies have together, it must be having a blast taking care of these twins. It wouldn’t be surprising if the parents start laughing along with the children.

We hope that they will keep making each other happy for a very long time and that they carry their infectious laughter with them as they grow older.

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