Alanis Morissette Re-Did Her Song "Ironic"

October 29th, 2018

Alanis Morisette took the music industry by storm in the mid-90s. Many of her tracks became huge hits, but probably one of her most notable songs was “Ironic”. Not only did the tune crush the top lists in multiple countries, but the music video was nominated for a Grammy. The entire world seemed to fall in love with this little diddy.

However, the song didn’t go without criticism. For years, comedians poked fun at the song for actually describing unfortunate events instead of irony. Alanis herself discussed the embarrassment he felt in an interview with HuffPost. She said,

“There are a lot of people that have shame around being stupid, and I did too. It was embarrassing to have the planet basically say, ‘you’re a dumba—‘ for your malapropism.”

However, for many of us, we don’t care–we love that song and always will!

Fortunately, we all had the opportunity to hear the song again recently. However, there were a few minor adjustments made to make the song a little more cohesive to current-day events. Alanis and “The Late Late Show” James Corden performed an updated version that was too perfect for words.

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Not only does the song addresses social stigmas, iPhones, Twitter, and many other tongue-in-cheek references to how our society operates these days, but =there’s also a little nod to all the haters out there with the line, “It’s singing ‘Ironic’ with no ironies”.

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Let’s also pay homage to the fact that James Corden plays the part of a pretty good Alanis in that hat and wig. The crowd absolutely lost it when he first walked out. Looking good, James!

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Not only does Alanis have a great sense of humor, but let’s take a minute to appreciate that the woman hasn’t aged in twenty years! This was a light-hearted performance that you can’t help but smile about.

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For those of you who want to follow along here are the updated lyrics:

[Verse 1]
An old friend sends you a Facebook request
You only find out they’re racist after you accept
There’s free office cake on the first day of your diet
It’s like they announce a new iPhone the day after you buy it
And isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

[Chorus 1]
It’s like swiping left on your future soulmate
It’s a Snapchat that you wish you had saved
It’s a funny Tweet that nobody faves
And who would’ve thought it figures

[Verse 2]
It’s a traffic jam when you try to use Waze
A no-smoking sign when you brought your vape
It’s 10,000 male late-night hosts when all you want is just one woman, seriously!
It’s singing the duet of your dreams, and then Alanis Morissette shouting at you
And isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?
A little too ironic, and yeah I really do think

[Chorus 2]
It’s like you’re first class on a Southwest plane
Then you realize that every seat is the same
It’s like Amazon but your package never came
And who would’ve thought it figures

[Chorus 3]
It’s like Netflix but you own DVDs
It’s a free ride but your Uber’s down the street
It’s singing “Ironic,” but there are no ironies
And who would’ve thought it figures

Life has a funny, funny way of sneaking up on you
… of helping you out

It’s still just as catchy as ever! Don’t forget to check out the video below to see this hilarious performance for yourself.

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