Dog Grabs Dad's Paw In Front Seat, Turns Around And Smiles

October 3rd, 2018

Everyone knows that dogs love their humans as much as, if not more than, we love them.

Their love is unconditional. So much so that, if their humans have treated them well, they’ll trust us almost blindly to keep them safe and to take care of them. It’s only when they’ve had a bad experience with humans that they’ll turn their backs or be fearful of us.

Otherwise, though, it’s through thick and thin!

Sometimes, pups get so attached to their humans that they begin to think that they’re a part of the same species.

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They’ll start to expect their scraps at the dinner table as something that they deserve as a part of the human family and to snuggle their way into bed as if there was never going to be a rule that the pup sleeps in his own bed in the kitchen. It seems that, at the end of the day, the dogs are the ones who make the rules. Who could say no to their sweet faces, anyway?

When pups go for rides in the car, they usually sit in the back seat, or if they’re small enough, in their carrier.

It’s best, of course, to get your pup a set belt to ensure their safety in the case of a crash.

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You can get them from various places online for under $10. A worthy investment to ensure the safety of such an important member of the family!

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This one pup names Lucy has a funny little quirk when riding in the car with her humans.

Her mom Carissa finally caught this adorable habit on camera, and the internet is losing it with how unbelievably sweet it is.

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As Lucy’s other human drives the car, Carissa sits in the back set in anticipation. She knows what’s coming, and she knows that the rest of planet Earth needs to witness it, too. She points the camera at her adorable golden retriever mix and waits for the cuteness to unfold.

Sure enough, Lucy reaches out her little paw across the seat, looking for her human’s hand. She needs to hold his hand while he drives!

The cutest part is after she got what she wants, she looks back to Mom and gives a big old puppy smile.

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It’s so sweet to see such a happy pooch – it just warms the heart to the core.

The comments on this video go to show how much people around the world love to see precious moments like this. They’re in lots of different languages, and some folks just tag their friends to make sure that they get a smile on their face, too.

One comment reads:

“The look back was priceless she knew what she was doing hahahaha”

Another reads:

“I’m not crying you’re crying”

Tears of joy, I presume!

Does your dog ever do anything like this? A lot of the comments were from folks who said their pups do the exact same thing when they’re driving or even just sitting on the couch. Pups just want to keep tabs on their favorite people at all times, just to check that we’re still there or to let us know how much they love us!

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Something you might not know about lucy…. she has to be holding your hand in the car…. finally got it on video 😭😂 #goldenretriever #mixbreed #dogsarefamily #lucylugotsomesplannintodo

Posted by Carissa L. Germany on Friday, August 10, 2018

[Source: Carissa L. Germany]