8 Perfect Uses For Silica Gel Packets

April 30th, 2018

You know those little silica gel packets that come in the box with shoes and other new items? Don’t throw them away!

The warning labels on them can look scary, but those labels are primarily there because the packets are a choking hazard. The silicon dioxide itself is actually a fairly harmless mineral with a lot of really convenient uses.

Save your silica gel packets and make life so much easier.

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Scott Brown via Flickr Source: Scott Brown via Flickr

Dry out wet cell phones

Dry off your phone as best as you can. Get a Ziploc bag and fill it full of silica gel packets. Toss the device in, seal up the bag, and leave it overnight. By the next day, you should have a dry and functioning phone again!

Dry a damp swimsuit – while it’s in your bag!

The next time you are packing your beach bag and realize that your favorite swimsuit is still wet, don’t despair! Get a Ziploc bag with enough room, add your silica gel packets and your bathing suit, seal it up, and toss it in your bag before heading for the beach. By the time you arrive, your swimsuit should be dry.

Prevent your car windshield from fogging up

Throw some silica gel packets on your dashboard along the bottom of the windshield and they will wick away any excess moisture from the glass. It’s also good for the windows in your house if they tend to attract mildew or mold.

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Get salt to stop clumping in the shaker

Do you get tired of having to shake the salt forever just to get something out of it? Add one small silica gel pack, put the lid pack on, and shake well. The next time you need salt, it will come out easily with no clumps.

Keep photographs in good condition for longer

Do you have a bunch of photos that are losing their luster? Put them in a box, toss in a few silica gel packets, and place a lid on to keep them dry and in good condition for years to come.

Keep your snacks fresh for longer

Do your chips start to get stale before you have gone through the whole bag? Take a silica gel pack and tape it inside of chip bags before closing them up. The gel packets will absorb any extra moisture and your snacks will be safe for later consumption.

Dry your own flowers perfectly

Put some silica gel packets in with your drying flowers. They will speed up the process for dry and beautiful flowers before any mold has a chance to form and ruin your perfect floral design.

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Keep luggage dry and odor-free

Throw some silica gel packets into your luggage to make sure that everything stays dry and clean. This is a good idea before storing luggage as well as while packing for a trip.

6 Ways To Use Silica Gel Packets 🙌

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