7 creative ideas for recycling cinderblocks that any blockhead could do

Cinderblocks. Can you think of anything less glamorous?

Well, it turns out they can be useful AND attractive if you have an eye for design.

Check this out:

Since we’re not creative (at least not without some inspiration!), we went to Instagram to see what far more creative people were doing with cinderblocks.

Take a look:

1. Raised garden beds

Building a raised bed with wooden planks can be expensive and require a few extra tools. And while cinderblocks will certainly make you break a sweat, there’s no need to do anything fancy except stack them alongside each other in a rectangle to hold in the dirt.

Just look at this stunning garden!

2. Firepit

Once used in a failed garden (that didn’t get enough sun), this brilliant family decided to make their own fire pit with the extra cinderblocks.

And it looks so warm and toasty!

3. Crafty chic shelves

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We have a few of these in our home (though they’re made with glass blocks from windows) and they’re just the perfect height for under windows, which is a tough place to make storage space.

You can dress these shelves up with your book AND your plant collection.

4. Cinder block seating

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A post shared by Debbie Heyd (@dkheyd)

We’ve seen a lot of people build benches by stacking cinder blocks all in a row to form the seat and the back – but that’s a lot of blocks.

We like this brilliant idea much better! Just plop some cushions on and you’re ready for a backyard soiree as a fraction of the cost of patio furniture.

6. Cinder block steps

This takes a little more care because you have to make sure they’re level, but if you have a sloped backyard or need a better way to get to your deck, you might try these cinder block stairs.

We think they did a great job!

7. Dress up your driveway

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We just love this idea! You can even put succulents in there, depending on how much care you want to give the area around your mailbox.

It’s so welcoming!

Of course, there are plenty of other ideas out there, we just thought these were so uniquely cool!

Want to check out a few more quick cinderblock “upcycling” projects? Have a look at the video below:

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