Couple Get A Makeover Together After 50 Years

May 11th, 2018

High school sweethearts Jo and Kevin Taylor first met each other in 1967 and immediately knew there was something there, they easily made conversation and both felt butterflies in their stomachs. They knew it was true love.

Even 50 years later they still have that same spark from when they were dating in high school and the memories linger from when they first got married.

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A lot of love to give

They both share five beautiful children, fourteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. They have a growing family and relations, but there’s one thing that has not changed since their wedding day – their look!

Even after five decades of being together Jo and Kevin both still had baggy clothes, a punk biker aesthetic, and Kevins massive beard. The only new addition was their graying hair.

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Makeover magic

Their family encouraged them to try and get a makeover on the Today Show and eventually they both hesitantly agreed thinking they wouldn’t get selected. Little did they know they were both in for a massive makeover!

With the help of the Today celebrity style team, Louis Licari and Jill Martin the artists changed their appearances dramatically while still keeping their personal looks. They are both very happy with their new looks and hopefully will continue them in the longterm.

Their family is also happy to see them with fresh style after 50 years. Everyone needs a change every once in a while!

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Another happy couple

This story reminds us of a makeover on the Rachel Ray Show of a younger couple, Stacy and Brandon, who are were recently engaged and both wanted makeovers for their wedding.

Bride to be Stacy wanted the makeover. She said, “I don’t feel like I look bad, I just feel like I look kinda ‘blah.’” Her fiance Brandon also felt he needed the makeover as he wanted to look better for the wedding. Just like Kevin Taylor, he also has a massive beard and wants to get rid of it to make his fiance Stacy happy.

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Rachel Ray Show via Little Things Source: Rachel Ray Show via Little Things

With the help of stylist Kyan Douglas, they were given a very drastic couples makeover and Rachel even admits that this was one of the most drastic makeovers they have done on the show

With the stories of both couples, we can see the happiness that a positive change can bring. New fiances, as well as a couple who was married for 50 years, can good both feel in their new looks!

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Rachel Ray Show via Little Things Source: Rachel Ray Show via Little Things

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