5 Reasons You Should Be Letting Your Dog Sleep With You

October 26th, 2018

There are so many reasons we love dogs and they are considered to be man’s best friend. The way their tail wags uncontrollably when you walk in the door, how they follow us around, or are a silent comfort after a long day. It all really boils down to total and unconditional love.

With so much going on in our lives like work, family, bills and the millions of other things to think about on a daily basis, it can be tough to remember to take a break. Today’s society is always on the go and we get swept up in that current not realizing we aren’t taking time for what really matters.

Having a dog forces us as humans to stop and take a break to really enjoy life. They remind us it’s not always about the next task on our list.

Taking a 20 minute walk or throwing the ball for a spell with your canine companion can infinitely improve your outlook and mood. Dogs give us a wonderful sense of calm and peace knowing they are there without judgement or agenda. They only have one goal; to love their family more than anything else. And they do this without even knowing it.

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I’m one of those dog people who not only lets them on the couch, in the car and pretty much everywhere I go, but I also let my dogs sleep in bed with me at night. There’s really nothing better than being smothered by warm dog bodies who just want to be near you. While they tend to be bed hogs, not to mention kicking me while they dream of rabbits, there is something calming about them being next to me.

Recently it has been shown there are actual health benefits and some very good reasons your dog should be sleeping with you every night.

We know our dog friends love to snuggle with us but besides our love for them here are 5 very good reasons to let your pup share your bed at night.

1. They provide a wonderful sense of comfort and safety

Having a dog next to you in bed, especially for those who live alone or are elderly, can help you have a better deeper sleep. Their warmth and presence can be felt while you sleep and actually give you a better sense of calm allowing you to get a better night’s sleep. With your dog next to you, it can provide a greater feeling of security and protection.

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2. Dogs can help those who suffer from insomnia

When I can’t sleep I find myself petting the top of my dog’s head while he sleeps next to me. Or sometimes I will put my hand on his belly to feel his breath and this will often lull me to sleep with him. Studies have shown 1 in 3 adults suffer from at least a mild case of insomnia and it can be really frustrating. Next time you can’t sleep invite your beloved pup into bed and see how quickly their love and warmth takes you to dreamland.

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3. Dogs may be the answer to depression, anxiety and other disorders

Your dog may be the answer to your brain that refuses to be quiet at night. When your thoughts of the day and other stresses won’t stop running through your mind it can be impossible to sleep. The average American has previously or still suffers from anxiety, depression or both and finding ways to alleviate this can be tough. Having your dog next to you as a constant companion can help quiet the mind and bring you focus and control over your thoughts. The peaceful reassurance and support might be just the trick to help with falling asleep.

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4. They can help you save on your heating bills

Ok, ok in the summer we know a hot dog body curled up next to you is not the ideal situation and usually our 4 legged friend ends up panting on the floor. However, in the winter having a dog in bed with you is like having a warm cuddly heating system under the blankets. Who needs extra layers when you have a built in fur blanket that is dying to be next to you? There is nothing better than staying cozy and warm on the coldest nights with your personal dog blanket and we don’t think there is a dog in the world who would argue with that!

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5. Your dog loves it too!

This may be the most important reason of all, returning some of that unconditional love they give us. More than anything your dog just wants to be with you, so the next time you can’t sleep or are feeling lonely try calling your canine companion to the bed with you. Showing them this unconditional love in return will only strengthen the bond bringing you and your pup even closer together. Chances are you’ll sleep better too!

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