30 tiny houses that you can actually buy on Amazon

It seems like a wild new trend to be able to buy a home kit and have it delivered to you, but in fact, Sears used to make the same type of kits in the first two decades of the 20th century.

While they stopped in about 1940, you can find beautiful Sears kit homes all over the country, many of them Arts & Crafts style.

So, really, Amazon is just reinventing a century-old tradition.

While we’re not sure the current tiny houses are going to offer up the same durability, they do come in a range of sizes and with amenities from marble countertops to lofted ceilings.

However, there have also been critics of the structures, since most people think they’re too expensive, too hard to build, don’t come with the necessary amenities to bring them up to code, and do nothing to solve the housing crisis.

We’ve found 30 of the coolest homes you can buy with just a click on Amazon.com, but it’s up to you to decide if they’re really all that practical.

If you want to visit the website (though not all models are currently in stock), you can click on the “Amazon.com” link below the photos.

Sometimes it’s worth it just to read the reviews from people who clearly didn’t buy one but are looking for a laugh (or enjoy the thought of building one to house their in-laws).