25 Ingenious Dollar Store Crafts

April 30th, 2018

When a person thinks of their dream-home, what they’re usually envisioning is what fills their home. Detail for detail and item for item, they are mentally crafting their own unique sense of style that says “Yes! This is the perfect space!”

The good news? You can create the perfect decor for your home without breaking the bank.

This is where the magic of DIY meets dollar-store-shopping-spree, and really brings your space to life! Here are 25 fun and ridiculously easy projects to get you started.

1. Upscale Serving Tray

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Dawn Lopez/Cutefetti Source: Dawn Lopez/Cutefetti

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly losing things in my couch. That never has to happen again with this chic serving tray. With nothing more than a frame and your favorite placemat, you can add pop to your home while keeping your things in one place.

2. Rope Wastebasket

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Melissa Viscount/2.I.Y. Source: Melissa Viscount/2.I.Y.

Wastebaskets don’t have to be drab anymore with this awesome decor-makeover! With a little hot glue and spare rope, you can turn this dollar-store wastebasket into a stylish piece of home decor! See the tutorial here.

3. Multi-use Mirror Boxes

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Cassie/Hi Sugarplum Source: Cassie/Hi Sugarplum

Mirrors make ahh-MAZING home decor projects! These mirror boxes are incredibly easy to make and will add depth and class to any room you put it in. All you need are 4 mirrors and a glue gun, see the details here.

4. Painted Vase

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Cyndy/The Creative Exchange Source: Cyndy/The Creative Exchange

Give some flash to your favorite flower vases. With just tape and your favorite color paint, you can turn a plain glass vase into a gorgeous centerpiece! See here for full instructions.

5. Repurposed Picture Frame Terrarium

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Jordan Crouch Fairchild/ Source: Jordan Crouch Fairchild/

With a trip to Goodwill and a drive-by the garden center at a supermarket, you can build this adorable little terrarium for next to nothing! Okay, and possibly a brief drop-in at the hardware section, but SO worth it! Keep your more sensitive plants happy and read the tutorial here.

6. Drapes From Drop-Cloths

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Alice Wingerden/Thoughts From Alice Source: Alice Wingerden/Thoughts From Alice

Let me just tell you, the price of drapes are outrageous; $100’s for a nice looking set! Avoid all that financial drama by picking up a few drapery clips and a sheet of canvas drop cloth. Just cut it down to size, place your clips… and then treat yourself to something nice for saving all that money! Instructions here.

7. Rope Throw Basket

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Jennifer Jones/iHeart Organizing Source: Jennifer Jones/iHeart Organizing

Looking for a place to put all those extra throws and blankets lying around? Create the perfect spot for them with this tutorial for creating a rope basket. All you need are a plastic laundry basket, the rope of your choosing, and a glue gun.

8. Feaux Topiary Trees

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Shannon Acheson/Homemade Lovely Source: Shannon Acheson/Homemade Lovely

What says class more than exquisitely shaped topiaries? You can create these beautiful faux topiary trees for a fraction of the cost (and time) it would take to grow and maintain living ones. With a few items from the floral craft section, your space will be looking high-class in no-time!

9. DIY Ribbon Dispenser

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Mary Levitski/Style At Home Source: Mary Levitski/Style At Home

Yes, this one is just as easy as it looks! Find an old paper-towel holder, spruce it up with spray paint if need be, slide your favorite ribbon spools over the top and you’re done! Christmas for crafters, anyone? See instructions here.

10. DIY Mod-Podge Terra Cotta Pot

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Debbie/Debbiedoos Source: Debbie/Debbiedoos

Add charm to your planting pots using mod-podge and old cooking recipes! You can step it up a notch by using recipes that pertain to your plants, such as tea and cocktail recipes on your mint or chamomile. See full instructions here on how to add flair with burlap and flowers!

11. DIY Spice Jars

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Thea/Time With Thea Source: Thea/Time With Thea

Are you tired of searching all over your kitchen for that perfect spice, only to find it caked and flavorless when you finally locate it? Herbs and spices are very particular about how they’re stored. With just a label-maker and glass jars from the dollar store with tight-fitting lids, you can create the perfect home for every spice in your kitchen like Thea did here.

12. Classy Animal Magnets

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Ashley Rose/Sugar & Cloth Source: Ashley Rose/Sugar & Cloth

Bring a taste of the wildly classy into your home with these creative DIY animal magnets. Grab a bag of plastic animals from the dollar store, cut them in half and plug the hole of the end you’ll use with a bottle cap. Add some spray paint and glue a magnet to the back, and you’ve got the full force of the animal kingdom holding up your beloved fridge notes!

13. DIY Custom Lighted Signs

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Honor/Home Heart Craft Source: Honor/Home Heart Craft

Bring a warm and rustic welcome to your guests with these DIY lighted letters. All you need is some tracing paper, an Exacto-knife, electrical tape, cardboard letters and twinkle lights. See how to bring this beauty together here, and give that new man cave a welcoming touch!

14. DIY Silk Leaf Bowl

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Hello Lucky Source: Hello Lucky

This is a fun project to do with the kiddos! Blow up a balloon to the size you’d like your bowl to be, then mod-podge your favorite silk leaves from the dollar store to the bottom of the balloon. Let it dry and then pop the balloon, and you’re left with this attractive leaf-bowl.

15. Polka Dot Mirror

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Kimbo/A Girl & A Glue Gun Source: Kimbo/A Girl & A Glue Gun

Put some pizzazz in your space with this easy polka dot mirror project. Pick up a few pieces of wood from Home-Depot and have them cut it down to size. Apply your favorite paint color, add the polka dots, and sand down for a rustic finish when it dries. Glue your mirror to the back and voila!

16. Pantry Makeover

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Jennifer Opsahl/The Social Home Blog Source: Jennifer Opsahl/The Social Home Blog

Create this $600.00 pantry for less than $50.00 with a quick trip to the dollar store. With a few nice jars and containers of assorted sizes, you’ll have your pantry looking like something out of William’s Sonoma in no time! See full details here.

17. DIY Glamour Mirror

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Jeanie/Create & Babble Source: Jeanie/Create & Babble

Glitz and glamour doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive. You can add bling to your favorite mirror for just a few bucks. A quick trip to the dollar store for your favorite color glass gems and a plastic serving tray can turn your mirror from drab to dazzling in the time it takes for your glue to dry!

18. High-End Planter

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Kathy/The Budget Decorator Source: Kathy/The Budget Decorator

Yes, you can pay upwards of $50.00 for a beautiful glass planter-stand. Or, better yet, you can create your own for less than $10, and customize it to fit your planting needs too! A candlestick holder, fish bowl, and non-porous surface glue can bring this lovely gem together in 1-2-3!

19. DIY Hula-Hoop Chandelier

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Sarah/Sarah On The Blog Source: Sarah/Sarah On The Blog

Bring romance and intrigue to your space with this whimsical DIY hula-hoop chandelier. Take a hula-hoop, wrap icicle string lights around it, cover with your favorite lace wrapping, and glue it down in key spots. Use left-over lace to create hangers for your chandelier, and you’re ready to kill the lights!

20. Framed Mossy Shamrock

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Amy/Stow And Tell U Source: Amy/Stow And Tell U

Bring some luck into your home with this nifty framed moss shamrock (you’ll want to add a fourth leaf, for really good luck)! Pick up an old frame or two from Goodwill, making sure you are able to glue the glass piece to the back. Then tape your image to the back and lightly glue the moss to the glass until your perfect shape is achieved.

21. DIY Glass Bottle Garland

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Patti Estep/Hearth & Vine Source: Patti Estep/Hearth & Vine

Invite some country cheer into your home with this simple bottle garland. With a few cute glass bottles, silver beading wire, and a couple of small command hooks, you can create this charming window candy for next to nothing. As a perk, you can fill your house with your favorite flowers throughout the year.

22. Heart-Shaped, No-Weave Wall-Hanger

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Jesica/Classis In Gray Source: Jesica/Classis In Gray

You will not believe how easy it is to create this modern/chic wall-hanger. It only requires a few thin dowels, two or three colors of your favorite yarn, and some scissors and ingenuity. Don’t stop with hearts though, create any shape you want with these basic instructions.

23. Dip-Dyed Candles

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Heather/Live, Craft, Love Source: Heather/Live, Craft, Love

Never have the wrong color candles interfere with your party theme again! These dip-dyed candles are so easy to make and you probably have everything you need right at home. Using your favorite color crayon, this tutorial will show you how easy it is to make the perfect color dye for your dipped candles.

24. DIY Door-Mat Wall-Art

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Kate/Salvage Dior Source: Kate/Salvage Dior

You read that right. Create the perfect, timeless wall art by spray painting a rubber door-mat, and distressing with sandpaper. It really is that easy!

25. DIY Spring Wreath

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Krista/The Happy Housie Source: Krista/The Happy Housie

With your favorite faux vines from the dollar store, you can reign in the spring and summer (or any season, really) in under five minutes. You’ll need a grapevine wreath, which is cheap and easy to find (craft stores/Walmart) and some twine. Top off with a fancy bow, and you’re all finished! See how-to here.

Now the only thing left to do, is choose which project to work on first!

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