25 Hilarious Clothing Design Fails

May 8th, 2018

The world of fashion can be a strange place. In an endless attempt to come out with new, cutting-edge designs, creators sometimes miss the mark. They overlook problems that are oh so obvious once they reach production, or sometimes even later than that. Some mishaps are tragic, but others are quite hilarious. Here are 25 ridiculous clothing design fails that are sure to make you laugh.

Wedding Disaster

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Bruce_mcmango Source: Bruce_mcmango

Would you wear this dress on your wedding day? I sure wouldn’t. I mean, look at that center chiffon piece.

Not So Dope

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Mopecore Source: Mopecore

This Reddit user was in for quite the surprise when his wife didn’t understand Kevin Hart’s taste in T-shirts. She asked him why he was wearing a shirt that had PEDO written all over it. Why, indeed.

Silhouette Contour

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Rataktaktaruken Source: Rataktaktaruken

Some clothing is designed to make the body look slimmer. This attempt, however, was a total fail. What is going on here?

Short Legs

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Poodleflange Source: Poodleflange

This outfit makes her legs look SO short. Who on earth approved this look? They must have been fired.


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Locktronix Source: Locktronix

These Olympic uniforms are…inappropriate. This definitely wasn’t the intended goal of the design. At least, I hope not.

Miss The Watermark

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Silverstatus Source: Silverstatus

This dress in Pakistan looks so cute. That is, until you notice the flaw. The print still has a Shutterstock watermark on it!


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Millie_feuille Source: Millie_feuille

No, those definitely aren’t watermelons. But they are a fruit. Maybe the designer was going for a bit of irony.

Shirt Pockets Gone Wrong

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Fastgr Source: Fastgr

Those don’t look like pockets. Come on, really? Did she really make it all the way to the set without anyone telling her?

Ripped Denim

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Chrzzl Source: Chrzzl

You’ve heard of the ripped jean look, but these take it a step too far. Okay, several steps too far. As hard as it is to believe, these bad boys actually go for $168.

Here Comes The…

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Yano2go Source: Yano2go

This shirt is NOT appropriate! The bewildered Reddit user shares, “My friend’s sister got this at a jump rope camp. It’s supposed to say rope.”

Print Error

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Bobsmuddley Source: Bobsmuddley

Apparently Dickies is changing their label.

Not So Cool

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AC5L4T3R Source: AC5L4T3R

These Star Wars socks looked super cool… until he put them on.

Almost Got It

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Noobkilling Source: Noobkilling

I mean, who’s really counting?

This Shirt

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ArmoredBattalion Source: ArmoredBattalion

This just isn’t that woman’s day.


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Fine_Drizzle Source: Fine_Drizzle

I bet that’s the last time she buys a Minions bikini.


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OddlyCalmOrca Source: OddlyCalmOrca

I’m really not sure what’s happening here.

Flower Pants

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IAteMy_ Source: IAteMy_

That flower is placed in just the wrong spot.

Not Smooth

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DiscountPonies Source: DiscountPonies

It looks like her body is a weird shape.

Eye See You

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Reddit Source: Reddit

This simply isn’t a good idea.

Not Quite

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OlTheTitanSlayer Source: OlTheTitanSlayer

You’re doing it wrong.

Tie-Die Fail

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Butterknot Source: Butterknot

Fail to the max.


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SoldWifeForRp Source: SoldWifeForRp

Good thing you only wear black.


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This is…um…okay…

I Heart…

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AnalAbomination Source: AnalAbomination

Really, someone should have told her.

This isn’t what it seems.

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Cgundersen2020 Source: Cgundersen2020

It’s supposed to mean Beijing.

Some of these design fails are REALLY BAD, but the results are hilarious. Remember, always take a look in the mirror before you walk outside.

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