16 Ways You've Been Cleaning Wrong

May 10th, 2018

Have you ever wondered how to keep the fridge smelling fresh? Or how to get rid of that stubborn calcareous deposit in the bathroom? What about your favorite t-shirt that suddenly looks faded and old?

Here are some solutions that will sweep your cleaning problems away.

#1 Refresh your mattress with alcohol

Mattresses can be difficult. You can’t just wash it yourself and trusting a cleaning company to do it can be expensive. Spray the upper layer of the mattress with a mix of alcohol and water (one part of the former with two parts of the latter) after vacuum-cleaning it. The alcohol solution works as a disinfectant and kills any bacteria that cause bad smells.

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Jaden boniface via Flickr Source: Jaden boniface via Flickr

#2 Keep your fridge smelling fresh with kitty litter

Even when all the food in the fridge is fresh, it can be challenging to keep it smelling great. This issue is easily solved with kitty litter and its amazing smell-absorbing properties. All you have to do is put it in a box and place the box in your fridge.

Just make sure you pick the right type of litter: silica litters are probably the best choice, while mineral and wood litters are less effective

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Barbara via Flickr Source: Barbara via Flickr

#3 Clean a blender perfectly with detergent

Washing a blender can be tricky when you have no idea how to start. Some would suggest scrubbing it with a sponge and others would recommend soaking it overnight with soda and vinegar. But, sometimes in life, the easy way is actually the best option. All you need to do is pour some water in the blender with a drop of detergent and turn it on. Just wash the dispenser after and it’s done.

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Photosfood52 via Flickr Source: Photosfood52 via Flickr

#4 Get your tub sparkling again with grapefruit and salt

How annoying is it to spot those stubborn calcareous deposits ruining your once perfectly white bathtub? To get it clean again, cut a piece of grapefruit (normally half of it is the best option), add salt to it, and use it to rub your bathtub or sink. But make sure you use a finer grain of salt. Otherwise, you can scratch and damage the surface.

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Eike Ramba via Flickr Source: Eike Ramba via Flickr

#5 Get stains off white clothing with this mixture

Is there anything more frustrating than seeing your white clothes turning yellow? Wouldn’t you like to return them to their original bright condition? Mix equal amounts of laundry detergent and bleach along with a pill for washing machines.

To keep your clothes white and fresh, you just have to soak them in this mixture before washing them as you usually would. The results will amaze you.

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yataro1 via Flickr Source: yataro1 via Flickr

#6 Keeping your clothes from getting faded with salt

After a few washes, clothes start to lose their brightness, and so they become faded and old looking. When this happens, you can add salt to your washing machine (half a glass will do it) to bring back the bright colors. Your clothes will look fresh as new.

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Glenn Compitello via Flickr Source: Glenn Compitello via Flickr

#7 Quick baseboard cleaning with this combination

Washing the thin parts of wall skirting can be a challenge even to the most experienced cleaners. But there is a secret that can make it much easier (and quicker): just use a rough broom. Wrap it in a microfiber cloth, and there you go: your cleaning will take only a few minutes.

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mastersofmoulding via Flickr Source: mastersofmoulding via Flickr

#8 Make your frying pan last longer with less heat

A common mistake people make is washing their frying pan while it is still hot. This causes the food to burn on the surface of the pan. To prevent this, don’t wash your frying pan right away. Wait until it is cooler (a few minutes should do it). Your pan will last two times longer and look better for it.

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Eric R. Patalinghug via Flickr Source: Eric R. Patalinghug via Flickr

#9 Get rid of furniture marks on the carpet with ice cubes

When you move furniture, it usually leaves behind indents To get rid of those and make the carpet’s surface flat again; ice can help. All you have to do is leave ice cubes around the damaged spots for the night. As the ice cubes melt, their water is gradually absorbed by the surface of the carpet, making it flat once more.

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Cameron Donaldson via Flickr Source: Cameron Donaldson via Flickr

#10 Clean your knife block with a hairdryer

If you really want to get your wooden knife block clean, your best weapon is a hairdryer. Use a thin wire to clean the holes, and then remove the remains of dust by blowing them with your hairdryer – preferably on the highest setting.

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BriarCraft via Flickr Source: BriarCraft via Flickr

#11 Clean the grill with an onion

A dirty grill can dangerous since built-up grease can contribute to fires. The good news is removing grease on the grill is fairly easy with an onion. Put half of it on a fork and rub the still hot grill with it. Your grill will be clean and safe in no time.

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Juha Haataja via Flickr Source: Juha Haataja via Flickr

#12 Remove grease spots from clothes and wallpaper with chalk

A good strategy to remove a grease spot from clothes or wallpaper is to rub the spot with a piece of regular chalk, leave it for about five minutes, and then rub it again with a wet cloth. The process should be repeated until the spot is gone.

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jsnjw2 via Flickr Source: jsnjw2 via Flickr

#13 Make your jewelry shine with beer

If you have gold jewelry that looks old and faded, break out the beer. Believe it or not, rubbing jewelry with a piece of cloth soaked in light beer can make it looks new again. Just avoid using this method with diamonds because it may damage them.

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Adam via Flickr Source: Adam via Flickr

#14 Remove stickers with a hairdryer

Use a hairdryer for a couple of minutes to heat a sticker, and it will come off very easily afterward, and with no trace left.

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Kate McCurrach via Flickr Source: Kate McCurrach via Flickr

#15 Wash vases and bottles with eggshells

If you want to clean bottles or vases with narrow necks, a good way to do it is using eggshells. You’ll just need to put them inside the vase/bottle you want to clean, add some detergent, shake it, and then wait. After a minute or two, empty the contents and wash it with water.

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Alijana1 via Flickr Source: Alijana1 via Flickr

#16 Get rid of coffee stains on mugs with baking soda

If you really like coffee, chances are some of your mugs have a permanent brown ring in them. Pour a little water into the cup and sprinkle a tiny bit of baking soda in there as well. Wipe it around with a sponge and voilà: completely clean.

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